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Content Writing

Emotional Advertising: How to Create Content That Connects With Your Audience Instantly

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”- Maya Angelou You must have noticed that the most viral content on the internet is always the most emotional one. It’s not a coincidence that Pepsi’s “Better With …

Job Application Writing Feature
Application Writing

10 Job Application Writing Tips to Land You the Job You Deserve

With the popularity of online platforms such as LinkedIn, it is easier than ever to apply for jobs. Typically for any opening, employers have to sift through a plethora of job applications, some of which they might even reject due to minor errors in the resume or application. If you’re …

Statement of Purpose Writing - Feature
SOP Writing

Statement of Purpose Writing: The Dos and Don’ts

Many elements make up the ordeal that is the admission process. While all are important to be on the receiving end of a favorable outcome, statement of purpose writing is up there with the most essential. Your Statement of Purpose or SOP is basically a personal statement that is a …

8 Timeless Content Writing Topics for Your Blog - feature
Blog WritingContent Writing

8 Timeless Content Writing Topics for Your Blog

Are you at a loss for content writing topics for your blog? There are plenty of evergreen topics that suit just about any blog. Read on to find out. 1. Advice and Opinion Pieces Life advice can be a great way to drive readership up, especially if you’ve cultivated a …

Rules for Writing Great Articles - Feature
Article Writing

6 Rules for Writing Great Articles

Writing great articles is not a skill you can learn overnight. It may not be something you are born with, but it is definitely something you can master by putting in the hard work. It takes writers years to hone their craft, and even then, they cannot achieve perfection. In …

Writing and Formatting a Whitepaper in One Day feature
White Paper

Writing and Formatting a White Paper Fast

What is a white paper, and why has this inbound marketing channel become such a key part of online marketing strategies for businesses. Well for one, it is a deep-dive form of content that makes use of reliable resources and case studies with the purpose to educate readers regarding a …

Capital title feature
Content Writing

Capitalizing Your Title: The Dos, Don’ts and Details

There are varying and often confusing rules to the use of the English language and none so much as title capitalization. With a language that’s so pervasive and commonly used, you’re bound to find different schools of thought that define the rules in their own way. When it comes to …

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Product Descriptions

How to Write Compelling Product Descriptions that Convert

A compelling product description is crucial to the success of your eCommerce business. For those of you that don’t know, these are essential pieces of marketing copy that describes your product’s features and benefits to potential customers, persuading them to buy. Excellent product descriptions accurately capture the essence of a …

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How to Write the Perfect Professional Bio

We’ve all had to be introspective at some point, especially when you’re looking to put yourself out there through a professional bio. You’ve likely thought about who you are or what qualities you embody. You’ve thought about your achievements.  Thinking to yourself is one thing, though, and writing it down …

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Tips for Writing SEO-friendly Content to Gain Visibility on Search Engines

Search engine optimization, or SEO, as it may be known to most of you, is a rapidly evolving discipline that has been on the rise ever since Google took the world of search engines by storm. Accoridngly, learning how to write SEO-firendly articles is number one on the checklist of …