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Facebook Cover Design Service

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Hire Facebook Cover Designers That Bring Your Brand to Life

Social media is the best way to promote your brand and business to your target audience. The best social networking site out there is Facebook, and the best way to communicate your message is the Facebook cover photo.

The Facebook covers we design are a cut above the rest. Not because they’re flashier or glossier, but because they contain the core of your brand’s message. Distilling that message down to its essence to deliver it through art isn’t easy. That’s why businesses come to us, because we have a reputation of delivering the best in the business.

We’ve been designing Facebook covers for businesses and individuals for over a decade, and we have catered to:

  • Online Businesses
  • Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Small to Mid Sized Businesses
  • Influencers
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Community Groups
  • Professionals
  • Large Businesses

A Complete Facebook Cover Design Service

Our Facebook cover designers don’t aim to deliver something out of an assembly line. Your orders won’t just be analyzed through the lens of business and marketing, but art as well. First and foremost, you will be delivered a product that is beautiful and elegant.

To do this, we only employ the best designers; people whose technical knowledge matches up with their flair and understanding of the arts.

A+ Design
A+ Designs

We don’t hire amateurs. We recognize a natural flare for art in our recruits. Hence, when you see your finished Facebook cover, you’ll notice how well designed it is at first glance.

Beautiful Graphics
Beautiful Graphics

If it’s one thing our designers strive for, its originality. We won’t spare any expense in delivering the most current designs to you. If you want minimalist designs, we can deliver, and if you want complex 3D designs, we can deliver those, too.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’ll be spoilt for choice with our Facebook cover design artists. We’ll give you several different variations of the cover design with different backgrounds, color palettes, and tints. This will allow you to choose which one looks best, and blends well with your personal design aesthetic.

Quick Delivery
Quick Delivery

You won’t have to wait long after you’ve placed your order. We know customers hate waiting, and so we hire designers that have a strict sense of discipline and work ethic. They deliver on time and deliver on quality.

Getting a Facebook Cover Has Never Been Easier!!
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Facebook Cover Design Process

Requirement Gathering
Get a Quote or Place an Order

Give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll figure out a rough estimate for your order and then get back to you with a quote. Then we can move to the next stage. Go ahead and place an order if you’re happy with one of our standard packages.

Creating a Wireframe
Tell Us Your Requirements

You can email us, send us voice recordings, or give us a call about what you need from the Facebook cover. We’ll study your brand and business or your personal preferences to come up with a design that covers everything. Our design artists are no strangers to complex orders. They’ll work day and night to fill your order.

Content Creation
Take a Look at Our Initial Drafts

This will depend on what kind of package you’ve chosen. Regardless, our Facebook cover designers will produce immaculate variations of the cover that you’ve requested. You can choose from a wide smorgasbord of choices for the cover design.

Finalizing Design
Give Us Feedback

You can mail us, send us voice recordings or call us to give us suggestions about changes. You can ask to implement specific or general changes to the Facebook cover that align with your branding.

Web Development
Receive the Final Product

This is the final part of the process where you’re sent the completed cover in different file formats. You can ask for revisions for up to 3 days after project completion in case, you are still not happy with your design.

Order a Facebook Cover

Hire our team of incredible designers for your Facebook cover. Our design services are a great fit for your business, individual portfolio, blog, or professional publishing house. Even if you’re an entrepreneur and are just starting out or are making your first major sale, we’re the ones to contact for a great Facebook cover.

We offer affordable pricing options for everyone; use our standard Facebook cover design packages to place an order now.

Facebook Cover Packages
Unique Cover Concepts 2 4 6
Color and Font Revisions 3 6 Unlimited
Source File Included
Black & White Versions
Dedicated Manager
Lifetime File Storage
Full Copyright Ownership
Order Now Order Now Order Now
Standard Package Standard $50
  • 3 unique Facebook cover concepts
  • 3 color & font revisions
  • Source file included
  • Black & white versions
  • No dedicated manager
  • No lifetime file storage
  • Full copyright ownership
Plus Package Plus $75
  • 5 unique Facebook cover concepts
  • 6 color & font revisions
  • Source file included
  • Black & white versions
  • No dedicated manager
  • No lifetime file storage
  • Full copyright ownership
Pro Package Pro $100
  • 7 unique Facebook cover concepts
  • Unlimited color & font revisions
  • Source file included
  • Black & white versions
  • No dedicated manager
  • No lifetime file storage
  • Full copyright ownership

* The packages quoted on this page are for standard projects. Your project requirements including, its complexity, industry, and quality may necessitate custom pricing. To get an accurate quote, please call toll free 1-877-897-1725, start a live chat or fill out our request for proposal form.

Request a Custom Quote

If you don’t see a Facebook cover design service that is right for you, just reach out to us for a custom deal. You can call us, request a live chat, or fill out a form for a proposal. We’ll negotiate a custom rate based on your requirements.

Facebook Page Samples
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