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Word-of-mouth advertising for real estate is possible with blogs

  • 25+ real estate blog writers developing custom content
  • 1500+ SEO-optimized real estate content that converts
  • 25K highly successful real estate projects closed yearly
  • 75% turnover rate for real estate clients

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How It Works

Place your order and provide details

We offer a variety of affordable blog packages for your convenience. Get in touch and place an order for a solution that’s tailored for your business.

Research and creation of an effective ad strategy

Get a comprehensive content plan after you send details in a questionnaire.

Ad campaign creation and strategy execution

Our real estate blog writers will flesh out the content for titles in the approved content plan, ensuring it is supported by research and industry-relevant.

Monitoring and reporting of campaign performance

Your feedback is the foundation that strengthens each blog, so each query is taken seriously.

Monitoring and reporting of campaign performance

Get a detailed report at the end of the month to see how well your blogs are doing online.

Make Leads Sit Up and Take Notice with Commercial and Residential Blogs

Our content writers aren’t just skilled with words – they know how to use them based on the specific real estate market they are writing for . So whether you need blogs on commercial or residential real estate, we have the team for the job.

What We Offer

Competitive Facebook Ad Campaigns

Rigorous Editing and Proofreading

Nothing gets past our dedicated editors. Each real estate blog is checked meticulously for errors and flow before it is forwarded.

Conversion Tracking Management

Regular Posting Schedules

Make property sellers and buyers return for research-backed information regularly with updated blogs. We can post them on a pre-approved schedule for you.

Ad Creative & Copy Creation

Real Estate Blogs in Layman Terms

No one has the time to look up complex real estate jargon, and certainly not prospects. They just have money they want to spend wisely. Our real estate blog writers can catch their interest by breaking it into simpler content.

Facebook Ad A/B Testing

Stand Apart from the Competition

There are tons of realtors out there and in your niche. Stand out from the crowd. Our blog writers can show them what makes you different and better.

Optimized Budget Allocation

Develop Your Brand Voice

Whether you want to come across as funny, serious, or friendly, our blog writers will use that tone throughout your blog posts.

Our Clients

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Why Do You Need a Real Estate Blog Writing Service?

You are losing prospects to competitors with a better blog than you have. Don't let them steal clients that can place your real estate services on the map. Our team will discuss your needs, market, and requirements with you before creating customized content that converts.

Content Development Pros is more than just a real estate blog writing and management service – our aim is to provide blogs that can make waves for you. Using targeted keywords, market research, and vocabulary that your readers can relate to, we can deliver promising results.

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