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  • Tax Law

    As long as there are taxes, your clients need lawyers who are proficient in local tax laws and can help them mitigate risks. By guiding corporations and/or individuals in legal matters related to taxes, you offer an invaluable service. Our highly experienced tax law and legal writing team can place these services on the map.

    The IRS is no joke. Your clients will appreciate a tax law legal writing team proficient in their jurisdiction's tax laws. Whether you have your own law practice or work in an accounting firm as a legal aid, our professional writers can help you make a name for yourself online.

  • Health Law g

    Are you proficient in the executive, judicial, and legislative laws and regulations that govern the healthcare industry? Are your clients aware of that? Whether you are proficient in insurance coverage, medical malpractice lawsuits, or ensuring your clients have access to the best medical care, our expert health law and medical writers can help.

    We can develop a content plan that encapsulates your legal services pertaining to health laws, whether they pertain to regulatory or allocative health policies.

  • Real Estate Law

    Real estate contracts and other literature can make or break clients' deals. Do your clients know you are proficient in the laws that govern their property transactions? As an experienced real estate lawyer, you are uniquely positioned to educate and serve them. Our equally experienced real estate writers can draft content plans that cover real estate laws and regulations relevant by jurisdiction.

    Our content developers are proficient in the particulars surrounding real estate contracts, the exchange and transfer of real estate, and laws that differ from state to state.

  • Family Law

    Whether you deal with clients going through a painful divorce, couples in a bitter dispute over child custody rights, or anything else pertaining to family law, we can manage your online content. Our legal writers are proficient in family legal matters covering various jurisdictions.

    Our writing team is experienced in delivering consistent, reliable, top-quality, and unique content, which is something you simply cannot get from content mills. Contact us for blogs, eBooks, web copy, PRs, FAQs, and more content on family law. You don't have to write and publish yourself!

  • Personal Injury Law

    Most people who sustain injuries (in the workplace, in stores, etc.) have little clue about personal injury laws and the compensation they may be eligible for. A simple Google search for lawyers generates millions of results. Our SEO-savvy personal injury writers can deliver content that can improve your search engine ranking.

    Our legal content writers can create compelling, research-rich content on car accidents, spinal cord injuries, daycare and school injuries, premise liability claims, bicycle accidents, commercial truck accidents, and more!

  • Environmental Law

    Climate change is a very real threat. The carbon footprints we leave behind will have an indelible impact on future generations, a fact that several industries and corporations are taking seriously. Our legal writers are experts in environmental laws that several industries must follow concerning carbon metrics, reducing industrial waste, renewable and sustainable energy sources, and more.

    Provide information and thought leadership on all these environmental topics without the work. Our legal writing team will draft, post and share your posts on all relevant platforms to increase your reach as an environmental lawyer.

  • Military Law

    Military laws pertaining to divorce and other legal matters can differ substantially from civilian laws. Our legal writers understand this and have the experience and linguistic talent to differentiate between writing styles that set both apart.

    Some topics we are proficient in covering include laws protecting military spouses, veterans, dependents, active duty personnel, and reservists. This also includes non-legal matters such as contract law, immigration law, wills, notary services, etc.

    Our well-researched blog posts, detail-oriented whitepapers, newsletters, and ebooks allow you to retain client interest and acquire new connections.

  • Entertainment Law

    Whether you are at the forefront of challenging copyright or trademark cases for the media, online entertainment, or online consumer products, populating your corporate blog and social media is the last thing on your mind. That is exactly what your competition is hoping for! Take a load off your mind by trusting us with your content.

    Our entertainment law writers are proficient in writing on entertainment agreements, licensing issues, copyrighting, publishing, digital media, eSports, music, and other tabs under the entertainment legal banner.

  • Labor (Employment) Law

    As a lawyer offering legal services covering labor laws, you are juggling several tasks simultaneously. From keeping up with state labor and employment laws to meeting clients and their employers, you have little time to upgrade your online presence.

    This is where our legal writers can prove invaluable. Our team has developed monthly content plans covering topics pertaining to labor laws by jurisdiction. This includes topics on workers' compensation, workplace safety violations, wage laws, workplace laws, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

  • Criminal Law

    Leave online content pertaining to criminal law to us as you focus on discovering weaknesses in a case brought against your client. We understand that your clients are innocent till proven guilty and can create a content plan covering laws that can direct more defense clients to your firm.

    This includes blogs, PRs, web copy, eBooks, and other mediums covering criminal defense topics ranging from DUI penalties, appeals, federal drug offenses, bail, and more. Contact us for a detailed discussion regarding your content needs.

  • International Law

    With different jurisdictions come different legal systems that are as distinct as night and day. As lawyers who deal with complex areas of global laws, your online presence can hook new clients overseas, provided it is SEO-rich, research-backed, and relevant to the times.

    Leave content production, posting, and publishing to our legal writing team so you can focus on your international clients. Our legal writing team is in lockstep with global legal systems and can deliver content strategies and content that can make your global law firm thought leaders for your niche.

  • Civil Rights Law

    As a civil rights lawyer, your sole concern is advocating for individuals whose rights have been violated, whether citizens or immigrants. Allow us the privilege of making your services known to the world with our legal writing team. Proficient in civil rights laws, our writers can deliver research-backed, practical, and inspiring content that can make your fight for civil rights inspiring.

    Our experienced writing team has covered a range of civil rights topics, such as gender-based violence, activism, human rights, women's rights, social change, human rights laws, and more.

  • Intellectual Property Law

    Your priority is ensuring your client's intellectual property is protected against plagiarism and theft. We understand that which is why we have a whole writing team proficient in intellectual property laws that can populate your online presence and make it popular simultaneously.

    Whether you specialize in patent laws, copyright laws, trademark laws, licensing, trade secret laws, or unfair competition cases, our IP law writers can deliver a suitable content plan that covers your services. This includes topics on settling IP disputes, filing lawsuits, drafting contracts or licensing agreements, etc.

  • Corporate Law

    As a corporate lawyer or in-house counsel, you represent the corporate entity rather than its shareholders and employees. Your legal advice can ensure lucrative mergers, create waves in companies with long-lasting positive repercussions, and protect your clientele against liabilities. If your online presence is bland in comparison, you are missing out on lucrative opportunities that can upgrade your status and station.

    Allow our corporate legal writers to take on that task for you if you are running out of topics. Our team is experienced in covering corporate law topics ranging from types of business entities, partnership setups, essential corporate contracts, and more.

  • Immigration Law

    Writing on immigration laws, rules, and regulations for a blog meant to attract clients can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don't have writing chops. Outsourcing it to our legal writing team, which is more experienced in immigrating writing briefs and has access to the latest global research, just makes sense.

    Create awareness regarding your immigration legal services with consistent, well-researched content that can grab attention and populate your client list. Contact us to discuss your project objective today!

  • Bankruptcy Law

    Despite how great your bankruptcy law firm’s website is, it won’t attract much traffic if your prospects cannot find it. Our writers can leverage SEO for bankruptcy lawyers to ensure your web page content and blogs rank high on search engine results.

    That means anyone searching for ‘bankruptyc lawyers in (location)’ will have higher chances of landing on your website or online content than your competition! Contact us to learn how!

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Get Professional And Experienced Legal Writing Services That Meet Bar Marketing Regulations

Ensuring your website, blog, social media accounts, and web presence in general remains updated is key to your legal practice's success. Besides ensuring the content is accurate, the tone has to follow bar marketing rules that are strict and precise. Clients can just as easily sue you for misinformation if your content violates those rules.

As a lawyer, you must adhere to legal marketing and advertising rules and ethical obligations to ensure your firm remains relevant and safe from costly lawsuits. Our legal writing team knows the difference between soliciting and advertising content and can ensure your online content does not violate bar associate regulations.

Target the right keywords

We can optimize your web content as per your legal services, including your law firm's location and jurisdiction, to make it discoverable.

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We can create legal content that is worth linking to, such as PRs, industry stats, current events, case studies, and more.

Highlight your credibility as a lawyer.

Besides online reviews, case studies, research-backed eBooks, and guest blogs on other legal sites can set your law firm on the map.

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Our legal service writers are not only proficient in federal and state laws, but they are also familiar with bar marketing rules. For example, promising prospects that you can ensure they get due compensation for a personal injury claim can be seen as a violation that can prove costly for your law firm's reputation.

Our legal writing team is well-versed in legal writing and marketing laws to ensure our clients don't face this issue. We always advise our legal clients to keep their services transparent and show rather than tell prospects why they should consider their service. This includes content free of fluff or unnecessary fillers that can put off target readers.

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