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Why Should You Hire Our eBook Writers?

With over a thousand completed eBooks in more than 30 genres, eBook writing has become one of our strongest suits. What makes our eBook writing services stand out is our vast experience, qualified eBook writers, and plausible expertise.

All you need to do is discuss your idea and we will convert it into an engaging and professionally written book. The genres of books we have written and published include but are not limited to:

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    Children’s books
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    How-To Guides
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    Science Fiction
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    And More...

And that’s not all! Check out some of our other book writing services!

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eBook Writing Packages

Below are some of our standard eBook writing packages. If you need to place a custom order, please use the
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  • Basic Cover Design
  • Industry-Specific Writer
  • Delivered in 2 weeks
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • Basic Cover Design
  • Industry-Specific Writer
  • Delivered in 1 month
  • 4 Rounds of Revisions
  • Basic Cover Design
  • Industry-Specific Writer
  • Delivered in 2 months
  • Unlimited Revisions

*The packages quoted on this page are for standard projects. Your requirements such as the complexity, the genre, and quality may necessitate custom pricing. To get an accurate quote, please call toll free (877) 897-1725, start a live chat or fill out a request for proposal.

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Interested in Online Book Marketing?

Learn why online book marketing is important to get ahead in a very competitive market. Click here to find out about our popular book marketing packages. We’ll create a custom book marketing strategy to target your audience, build your readership, and increase sales.

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Establish Your Authority with a Professionally Written eBook

Are you inspired to share stories and wisdom? Do you want to establish your expertise on a subject or field? Even if the goal is to generate leads for your business and make more money, having a well-written eBook under your name is the best way to gain credibility and earn a strong reputation in the market.

We help you do just that!

And if you are searching for a freelance eBook writer, look no further! We also offer freelance eBook writing service to make sure we cater to the eBook writing needs of all our clients.

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Watch a short video that explains why eBook writing is important. In recent years, readers have flocked online to consume as much information as possible, and eBooks are a sure fire way to get your message across.

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Why should you hire a ghost-writer?

It’s the simplest and fastest way of getting your story out in the market. You get full rights to the content and a brand new book to your name.

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Our affordable ebook writing services cover mini 10-pagers as well as 300-page ebooks and our services include custom covers designing for all eBooks completed by us. If you want freelance ebook writers, Content Development Pros is also equipped to work with you on a freelance basis. Call us today to satisfy all your requirements for freelance eBook writers.

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