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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Content Writing Service during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Signage indicating that businesses remain temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020 has been a real let down. Ever since Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic by the WHO, thousands of people have been infected in almost every country around the world. With hospitals filled to capacity, governments have imposed lockdowns to further curtail the spread, which has led to fears of an impending economic recession. Naturally, for a lot of people this feels like the end.

But it isn’t.

It is never the end. Collectively, we have been through some terrible times in the past, yet we’ve survived. We come out strong at the end of every catastrophe; we were able to control the SARS outbreak of 2003 and we triumphed over what was then considered the worst economic crisis ever.

Admittedly, this pandemic is perhaps testing our capabilities at a whole new level. However, as the wartime leader, Winston Churchill, stated during the Second World War:

“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.”

It is only necessary that we trudge on, with the belief that we WILL make it despite the odds. The outbreak and its consequent quarantine have changed the world as we know it. As marketers and entrepreneurs, we are prepared for sudden changes; this should spur us to find alternatives to the status quo. If we choose to see them, there are several valuable lessons pertaining to marketing and business that we can learn from this catastrophe.

The foremost would be that the internet is no longer a utility; it is a necessity.

Consider this, with over a 500% increase in cancellations for in-person conferences and events globally, big companies have sought another way to engage: through online events and webinars! For the over 10.6% decline that companies face in traditional advertising revenue, budget reallocation has led to an increase in digital advertising instead.

If you happen to be sitting on some savings now would be the time to invest them wisely in the digital marketing of your business to reap long term benefits. A safe, yet sound investment would be to hire a content marketing service, which would not only benefit your existing business, but could also open other business avenues for you.

Here are 4 solid reasons why you should hire a content writing service right now.

1. A Content Writing Service Can Help You Dominate Search Engine Results

Normally, it’s extremely difficult to rank on high traffic keywords. The economic downturn will have lot of businesses choosing to conserve resources and limit marketing. This means less competition for you! Take full advantage of the situation – double down and focus on keywords.

Pro reason for hiring content writing service

If you’re able to cement a solid organic presence through a sustained SEO content marketing strategy, your business will be hard to move from the top spots of search engine pages when the market bounces back.

iPhone screen displaying webpage dedicated to Coronavirus content

2. Make It Easy for Customers To Get Updates About Your Business

If your business or service is directly tied to changes resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, then it would be a good idea to have a dedicated online content hub relating to this. This would be of great help to prospective customers, or community members visiting your site for updates.

For example, since it is tax season, and taxation laws are sensitive to change during this time, having a dedicated content hub for updates and alerts would really add value to a tax consultation website. A telehealth site, or online grocery service, even logistics companies are all examples that would benefit from this idea.

Instruct the professional content writing service you hire to keep customers and prospects updated about where you stand.

  • Is your business operating as it normally does or have you locked down temporarily?
  • Are you operating your business during limited hours during this situation?
  • Can customers purchase your products and services? Is there a wait time?
  • Do you deliver your products and services?
  • Are you using technology (Skype / Zoom / Slack) that you weren’t before to offer services?
  • Is your business taking safety measures such as social distancing, wiping products with disinfectants, or something else of the sort?

Your customers and prospects probably have a ton of questions. Make sure you’re providing them the information that they need.

It’s not difficult to configure a delivery or pickup option on your website. We can connect this information to your CRM. Fill out this form to learn more!

3. People Want New Content, Now More Than Ever!

Being in quarantine full time has people spending an increasing amount of time pouring over the internet. Apart from the obvious, this frenzy is fueled by attempts to search for something to do, or to find answers to questions relating to activities that must now be done at home. Think, ‘how-to cut your own hair’ or ‘how-to wash your bed sheets at home’.

Woman reading articles written by content writing service

Apart from Googling housekeeping and other how-to’s, people are showing renewed interest in creative hobby arts, offbeat topics like conspiracy theories, DIY crafts, and more.

This demand needs to be met with fresh, interesting, and unique content. You can thrive off this growing market by making the most of trending topics.

Pro tip for hiring content writing service: Start your side business today

In fact, if your business happens to cater to such creative niche pursuits, then now is the time to market it fully. Even starting a side-business in such an area would can be extremely beneficial. Research what’s trending online and then hire content writers that can help you create content. A good content writing service can help you put together a content strategy that evolves as reader behavior changes, also they’ll publish the content for you.

4. Plan Marketing Campaigns And Save Them As Drafts For The Future

A 2015 marketing study noted that brands that sustain their advertising efforts during a recession or economic downturn profit more after it.

Maybe you shouldn’t and can’t advertise during this time. That shouldn’t prevent you from planning for the future. Use social distancing productively. Knock off items from your content marketing calendar in advance. By doing so you would have a competitive edge when things pick up. You’ll be able to focus on operations and not worry about marketing collateral, whereas your competitors would have a hard time keeping up with the boost you’d get from the new marketing material you’re distributing. All you’ll have to do is publish and advertise the material you had prepared during this time.

Pro Tip for hiring content writers

Parting Words

Although talking about marketing right now might not be priority number one, it is important to remember that in times like these, economies are built piece by piece. Moving forward with business is important as long as one doesn’t unethically exploit the situation, or manipulate the affected.

Stay home, and stay safe.