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Animation Video Services

Animated videos that bring your vision to life one frame at a time!

  • Multiple 2D & 3D Animation Formats
  • Experienced Team of Animators
  • Seamless Graphics and Transitions
  • High Definition Video Files
  • All Rights Transferred on Completion

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Animation Styles For All Your Video Needs

2D Animation

A widely used animation format that uses hand-drawn or digitally-made two-dimensional animations to narrate a story.

Popular in animation movies and cartoons, this format is highly versatile and has the ability to explain any concept in a style that is well-received by audiences of all ages.

Whiteboard Animation

A no-frills animation technique that uses hand-drawn and line animations on a white background for storytelling.

Popular in animation movies and cartoons, this versatile format can also be used for creating instructional and educational videos, training modules, and presentations.

Typography Animation

A text-focused video style that creates dynamic text animations, including font, size, and color manipulation along with transitions

Popular in trailers, commercials, music videos, and promotional materials, this format allows text to become a visually striking feature when communicating a message innovatively.

Motion Graphics

A versatile animation method that focuses on creating movements with multiple visual elements, including text, shapes, illustrations, and vectors.

Popular in advertisements, title sequences, promotional videos, presentations, website design, and UI/UX, this format makes for a seamless and compelling storytelling style.

Logo Animation

A brand-focused animation style that brings some added dimension and fluidity to your company or brand’s logo, be it in 2D or 3D.

Popular in brand assets such as commercials, social media content, brand videos, introductory videos, and presentations, this format cements your brand’s image in the eyes of your customers.

Vector Animation

An easy-to-manipulate and scalable animation format that retains animation quality for superior and high-dimension video creation.

Popular in website design, interactive media, UI/UX, mobile apps, and creating motion graphics, this format is ideal for animations that need to be adapted to multiple resolutions and screen sizes.

Popular Packages

199 149
Typography & stock animation
  • Stock Animation
  • Script Writing (Unlimited Revisions)
  • Basic Voice Over
  • 2 Revisions on Video
  • Background Music & SFX
  • Simple Character and Icon Movement
  • Basic Transitions
  • 1-Week Delivery
  • Dedicated Support
399 239
Custom 2D animation & whiteboard videos
  • Custom Animation
  • Script Writing (Unlimited Revisions)
  • Storyboard (2 Revisions)
  • Professional Voice-Over
  • 3 Revisions on Video
  • Background Music & SFX
  • Varied Characters and Detailed Icons
  • Unique Motions and Transitions
  • 1-Week Delivery
  • Dedicated Support
999 499
Premium & custom animation videos
  • Custom Animation
  • Script Writing (Unlimited Revisions)
  • Storyboard (Unlimited Revisions)
  • Custom Voice-Over
  • Unlimited Revisions on Video
  • Background Music & Sfx
  • Exhaustive Character and Icon Library
  • Complex Motions and Transitions
  • 2-Week Delivery
  • Dedicated Support

Custom Animation Video Services

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Our Video Design Process

Details Collection & Script Writing
A project kick-off call will be arranged to collect information about your vision for the animation and the end goal that you want to achieve.

Our animators then study your project and work to create and finalize a script. The script is shared with you for feedback.
Concept Ideation & Storyboarding
Once we receive your feedback and comments on the script, they are incorporated and the script is finalized.

The video design team then moves onto the visualization of the script and the concept and storyboard is created to map out your video.
Animation Production
The storyboard is designed and finalized for a last look before the animation process begins.

Our team works with animation creator tools and software to create, edit, and finalize a range of animated videos - ranging from whiteboard to 3D animations.
Voice-Overs and Sound
When the computer animation is complete, professional voice-overs and sound effects are added to enhance the video’s impact on your target audience.

A final quality check and rendering cap the video process so the files are ready to be delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use video animation for my business/brand?

    Animation movies aren’t the only viewing format that uses animations, as they are an effective and versatile medium that can be used for brand building.

    Businesses can use animations in advertisements and for enhancing brand recognition through other digital assets, including social media, commercials, trailers, gifs, and more.

  • What types of video animation services do you offer?
  • How long does it take to create a video animation?
  • Do you provide voice-over services for video animations?
  • What file formats will the final video animation be delivered in?
  • Can you help with video distribution?
  • What if I don’t like the animation?
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