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An Affiliate Marketers Dilemma: Local Landing Pages

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, the best affiliate marketing programs aren’t successful because of the product or service they market. They’re successful because their affiliate marketing websites are optimized to win. What does it take to win? Two things really. Great content and a LOT...


Hiring a Copywriting Agency: Are You Doing It Right?

According to the latest Borrell Associates report, it’s predicted that businesses in the US will spend approximately $19 billion more on advertising than they did last year. Advertising budgets increase each year, so in retrospect, this hike doesn’t come as a surprise. However, a closer read of the report will...


How Long Should It Take to Write a Blog Post?

That is an excellent question, one we often get at CDP! We have the answer because writing blog posts is one of the things we do a lot of around here. After all we are in the business of providing content marketing services. For our writers, there have been blog...


Our Top Tips to Ensure That Your Content Doesn’t Have a Trust Problem!

SEO and content marketing are exact sciences that produce measureable results. And that’s why optimizing your blog or website for search engines really shouldn’t feel like tuning an old radio. It’s totally possible to cut straight through all the noise and get a solid connection with your audience and readers…...


Tips on Updating Your Blog

The trouble with websites and blogs is that you can’t just build them and leave them alone! A blog that’s just sitting there is simply ignored by Google in the game of rankings.


What Can a Stellar Copywriting Service Do For You?

Thinking of designing a great website for your brand? An attractive name? Check. A captivating design? Check. Hang on; you are forgetting the most important element on your list! Yes, I am talking about professional content on your website! Online content writing has arrived with a bang in the marketing...


Do You Want to Hire Freelance Writers?

Add Quality, Flow and a Professional Touch by Choosing a Content Writing Company Instead! Want to hire content writers? Keep an eye on professionalism and detail! When it comes to online marketing, quality content is the undisputed king. Thought provoking and professionally written web copy can engage readers from the...


Online Content Writers – Make a Splash on the Web

Why Custom Content Make Sense In the world of competitive online businesses, customized content is everything. In other words, the type of personalized content you have can make the difference between you getting customers and your competition steamrolling your marketing efforts to oblivion. Needless to say, when it comes to...


Online Content Writing Services – Professionalism is the Key

A Website is worth a Thousand Words Are you a business owner? Good! Does your company have a website? Great! Now all you have to do is fill it with pearls of wisdom that will entrance your customers to click on the “buy now” button. Of course, if your business...