Writing an eBook

Before we get into why you should hire an eBook writer, let’s talk about what we mean by eBooks and what all it encompasses. In essence, what is eBook writing?

An eBook basically means an electronic book usually meant to be consumed on a digital device. Now this device could be a tablet, a kindle, laptop or even your regular cell phone.

Depending on your niche and end goal, you can use a well-written eBook for almost any purpose. The important thing is to make sure that the content is on-point and it’s positioned in the marketplace appropriately.

So for example, a lead magnet would make sense as a free-giveaway with an email campaign or on sign-up on your website. However, the same eBook will fail big time if put up on Amazon.

That said, hopefully it’s clearer now what eBook writing is and entails. Let’s now get into why hiring a ghostwriter makes perfect sense.


eBook Writing – the Lowdown

eBook writing is a great way to establish your authority on any given subject. It shows your expertise on a certain topic and helps you instantly gain a reputation as a source thought leader.

When used correctly, eBooks can become a great promotional material for businesses and individuals. They also make great additions to portfolios by adding a little professionalism to a person’s profile.

The biggest problem with eBooks is that the research and authoritative tone required to write an eBook isn’t found in novice authors. Even if you’re an experienced writer on a subject, it’s hard to translate that into a professional tone for an eBook. It’s a good tactic to hire a ghostwriter to write your eBook for you.

Now, now, we can already hear you asking, “Why hire a ghostwriter?Isn’t that dishonest and…illegal?”While hiring ghostwriters for eBooks might seem like you’re cheating to get ahead,it’s actually a common practice among celebrities. Andre Agassi, for example, had his autobiography ghostwritten by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist J.R. Moehringer. Harry Houdini, the legendary magician, had ‘true stories’ written about him by the famed cosmic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Still not convinced? No worries. We get it. Keep reading, and by the end of this blog post, you’ll have a whole new perspective on ghostwriting and why you should hire a ghostwriter to write your eBook.

Why You Should Hire an eBook Writer

Ghostwriters write professional eBooks
Hiring ghostwriters for eBooks is a great idea. Your audience expects content that explains your thoughts in an eloquent, easy to understand and captivating manner. You may have the best information to share, but people won’t read it unless it’s written beautifully.

To get your point across, it’s important to express it in a professional voice. The right thing said the right way hits harder than hastily spoken words.

It’s common for people all around the world to hire ghostwriters for blogs and eBooks. They translate your voice into more digestible content with an engaging tone.

Delivering your message in the right tone is of utmost importance. If you wish to produce an eBook on technical skills, it’s incredibly important that you come across as formal and direct. Without that tone, the authority that you hope to build may be squandered.

If you want to write a textbook, the tone must be similar but optimized for the grade that you’re writing for. On the other hand, if you’re writing a book on fantasy or short stories, the tone needs to be descriptive and whimsical. Depending on your audience, you must deliver content in an easily digestible way.

Learn more about the different types of eBooks we create in this post on types of eBooks that generate leads.

This is why hiring ghostwriters for eBooks is an incredibly valuable decision. Their abilities make them well-suited to deliver content in book form. Not only will their tone be of value, but they will also be able to select the right content for your book.

At times, you may think that including 50 different points may be relevant to your book. However, a ghostwriter may trim out about 10 of those points either because of repetition or irrelevance. This is crucial to the success of a book. Irrelevant material can sometimes cause readers to lose interest. When you hire a ghostwriter, you get an editor as well who fine-tunes your book to its most interesting bits.

This optimizes the reading experience for your audience. It cuts out parts that can lose their attention and maximizes those that pique their interest.

4 Reasons to Should Hire an eBook Writing Service

Ghostwriting add quality to the final product

1. Experienced Writers Add Quality to Your Book

One thing that you can trust a great eBook writing service to deliver is quality work. Since they are well-versed in researching and writing eBooks, they go the extra mile to take care of quality. Not only do they have editors and researchers who fact-check every morsel of information, but they also adhere to tight standards. Not only do these service providers specialize in eBooks, but they also offer ghostwriters for blogs.

These experts have entire protocols that eBooks must go through to be approved. An individual writer can’t guarantee that, no matter how good they are.

Along with all this, the quality of the writing will help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche. To know more about how an eBook ghostwriting service can help in this regard, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlYm020bbAQ

2. Get Your eBook Quickly

Writing an eBook is one of the most difficult things to do as a writer. It’s an even more monumental task when you don’t have any professional writing experience.

It’s hard to know where to start, you can get stuck in a rut with writing block, and you might not even like anything you’ve written when you look at it the next day. In the pursuit to write your own book, you end up wasting days, weeks, months, and even years!

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When you hire eBook writers, you’re employing a business that will complete your book is less time than you would ever need. Book writing services usually employ several writers with different specializations. They can even deliver multiple projects at once due to the depth in their workforce. If you need several eBooks written on various topics, they can deliver the content within deadlines. Learn how your business can benefit from eBook writing services.

3. One Fixed Cost: You Keep All Future Earnings

When you’re looking for affordable ghostwriting services, the best bet is to look for a content writing agency. This is because they quote reasonable rates on eBooks. You’ll pay a fair price for your book and that’s the only cost that you will have to incur.

With certain book writing agencies and even freelance ghostwriters, you may have to sign a contract in which they would take a percentage of future earnings. That may not seem like that big of a deal at the moment, but it will be a decision that will haunt you later.

4. Add More to Your Book

Affordable ghostwriting services, like ours, will help you add more to your book. First-time authors often neglect writing about key concepts in their book. It’s natural for a novice to underestimate the importance of a key point. However, ghostwriters for books can help you identify key points that you may not have paid attention to.

One of the key skills of an eBook ghostwriter is research. They scour the internet and research papers for relevant information. If they find something incredibly relevant to your topic of choice, they will be sure to include it.

This will ultimately increase the value of your book.

Writing an eBook for Amazon

Publishing an eBook on Amazon is a great way to establish authority
Amazon is one of the largest retail platforms in the world. What you may not know is that it began as an online bookstore. It’s still by far the largest platform in the world to sell books on. Due to its popularity, and its establishment as an eBook platform, it’s very lucrative to write an eBook for Amazon.

You can hire a ghostwriting service to create an eBook for Amazon easily. If the object is just to make money, then writers can generate eBooks on the most popular topics. However, you can also benefit from publishing a book to gain notoriety and a wider audience.

Due to Amazon’s wide reach, there is probably no better platform to get your book published. That being said, there are strict rules that you have to follow to get published there. Hire a ghostwriter so you don’t have to worry about them.

Understanding eBook Ghostwriting Rates

Ghostwriting services can deliver eBooks at a fair price
Ghostwriting fees can vary incredibly across different platforms and services. Ghostwriters for books can charge as little as $10 per page and go up to thousands of dollars for the entire eBook. The most experienced ghostwriters for books charge from $36,200 to $100,000.

Cost of Hiring Ghostwriter

This depends to a large extent on the experience and reputation of the writer. A very experienced book author can charge up to $60,000 for an eBook that is over 300 pages long.  Traditionally, ghostwriters are known to charge high fees for professionally written eBooks.

Affordable Ghost Writing Services

Ghostwriting services like ours charge affordable rates to provide you with great content. Not only do we guarantee great services through our expert authors, but we can deliver all of this for a fair price.

Our eBook writing service includes several packages as well as options for customized packages. These pricing packages may include a per page count or a per book count (if you want several books written).

All in all, hiring a ghostwriting service to write your eBook for you may be your best bet. It’s not just the most affordable option, it allows for great quality control. You know that you’ll be getting a certain level of quality when you opt for a reputable content writing agency.

Hiring a ghostwriter for books is an incredibly lucrative investment. For a very fair price, you can generate an eBook that will improve your authority on a subject. To learn more, call us today!