The importance of Search Engine Optimization and content marketing cannot be ignored in today’s highly competitive business world. Although there has been a debate over which of these techniques is more important for the success of a business, expert marketing professionals know that they go hand in hand. For a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy, businesses need to integrate both these techniques.

Content marketing, if done correctly, can help a business to build a brand, generate leads, increase sales and greatly improves its SEO ranking.

Expert marketers know this and this is why they have been incorporating content marketing in their strategies. According to a report, around 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing in order to develop an effective marketing strategy. A marketing industry survey conducted by Curata, in 2016, found out that 75% of content marketers were increasing their investments in this field in order to generate leads and increase sales.

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization is not as simple as it may appear – there is a lot more to it than just having keywords stuffed into blogs on your website.

To gain a competitive edge, a business needs to provide content that attracts its target audience, is of high-quality, and provides valuable information. This requires in-depth industry research, knowledge of SEO techniques, and excellent writing skills.

To make sure all the time, money, and effort that go into content marketing does not go waste, businesses should know the keywords that work the best and when and where they should publish the content.

Since effective content marketing requires too much work, a lot of businesses struggle with it.

To help such businesses improve productivity, save time, and enhance the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, a large number of online content marketing tools are available.

Here, we have highlighted the five best tools that will greatly increase the efficiency of your content marketing strategy, which will in turn contribute towards improving your SEO ranking, brand reach, recognition, and sales.

1.     BuzzSumo

Don’t know what type of content is trending in your industry? Want to know the topics your competitors are writing on and how they are marketing it?

Use BuzzSumo!

An effective marketing strategy requires businesses to create content that their target audience finds interesting and useful. A simple way to know what topics you should write on in order to get audience’s attention is to find out the type of content gets shared the most in your industry. Once you know the popular and most liked topics, write along similar lines and increase your reach.

BuzzSumo allows you to search using keywords and company name. You can find content that is trending or most shared on different platforms.

The platform also helps businesses find the best influencers, in their industry, to promote their content. It even provides a content analysis report that helps businesses monitor the performance of content shared by them or their competitors.

2.     Atomic Reach

Want to gauge the quality of blog post content? Do you wonder if your audience will find it interesting and valuable?

To get answers to all your questions related to content quality, use Atomic Reach.

Atomic Reach is a platform that tells you how big an impact your content is going to have by rating it between 0 and 100. This is done by analyzing the content on 23 factors.

It also allows you to choose whether the content is targeted to general audience, academics, specialists etc. On the basis of your selected level, Atomic Reach tells if your content is too simple or too complex for the audience. Not only this, but the tool also gives you advice for improving the content.

Rather than publishing lots of low-quality or average content, it is better to take time and come up with high-quality content that will actually boost your business. For this purpose, use Atomic Reach or take help from a professional content writing company, such as Content Development Pros.

3.     MailChimp

Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing requires promoting your products and/or services using various channels, such as search engines, social media, and email.

Email marketing is usually more focused to existing and potential customers. Therefore, the content that you send via emails needs to be customized according to the needs and interests of your customers.

MailChimp is a highly useful marketing platform for small businesses. It allows them to build their brand by regularly staying in touch with their subscribers.

With MailChimp, you can run targeted advertising campaigns, send newsletters and automated or personalized emails to your target audience on the basis of their previous sales, behavior, and preferences.

It allows businesses to track the performance of their marketing campaigns by sending detailed reports about how people are engaging with their content. So, if you want to know how many people open your emails, click on the links that you share, shared your newsletter on social media, or unsubscribed to your email service – MailChimp is the best tool out there for your business.

The marketing tool makes it possible for you to increase sales by connecting your online store with MailChimp.

Content Development Pros can help you curate personalized emails. With years of experience in email writing service, we know how to write emails that will increase traffic to your website and ultimately improve your sales.

4.     Yoast

Yoast, one of the best WordPress plugins, is a search engine optimization tool that is highly popular among people who are self-hosting their WordPress websites as well as among SEO professionals.

By allowing you to set target keywords, manage sitemaps, control meta details, track how often you are using your targeted keywords and a lot more, Yost improves the SEO ranking of your website by making it search engine friendly.

The best thing about Yoast is that you can use it for free.

It even offers a free search engine optimization course to beginners.

5.     ClickFunnels

In the digital world, no business can function effectively without having a sales funnel in place. It represents the journey of the conversion of your website visitors into leads and sales.

While you can develop your own sales funnel from scratch, why spend hours doing that when there is an online tool available? Save time and spend it on other important tasks, for a sales funnel use ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels has simplified the process of creating a sales funnel for your business. Choose from a variety of available templates and make your own sale funnel within minutes, without having to know about coding or any other technical stuff.

The templates are designed on the basis of previous results – all the designs that are available on ClickFunnels have worked for many companies in the past.

The purpose of content marketing is to establish your expertise and convince people that your company is one of the best in a particular field because this will generate leads and ultimately increase sales.

The tools that have been discussed in this post will help you in this process by enabling you to carry out various content marketing tasks more effectively and quickly.

If you want to perform better than your competitors, you need to make use of the latest technology and applications to boost your SEO ranking and enhance the effectiveness of your business marketing strategy.

Need help with SEO or Content Marketing? Contact us and we’ll tailor make a plan that’s right for you.