Writing a book is a massive commitment. By the time you’re done coming up with a concept, mapping your book out, putting words to pages, and editing the entire draft, months or even years might’ve passed you by. Given all of this, you probably want it to make a splash when it comes out.

Now, anyone can tell you that you need to market your book before self-publishing. How else are you supposed to establish an audience, especially as a newbie writer? A more important question is how you’re going to market your book.

That’s what we’re going to get into today, so stay tuned while we talk about some essential book marketing you need to know about in 2024, starting with one of the most important aspects of all.


Set Up an Author Site

Build Your Audience With an Author Site

Your readers need to know where to find you, and we’re not just talking about your home address. Having a website is essential because it serves as a hub for all of your marketing campaigns, but more importantly, it can give your audience a place to go when they want to learn more about you. Now, if you don’t know the first thing about web development, don’t worry! Services like WordPress and Squarespace can help you build one, or you can hire a web developer to help you out.

Whether you make it yourself or outsource it to a third party, make sure your website contains a bio with all the important details about your life, including how and why you became an author. Another useful addition to your author site would be a blog section. You can add snippets from your works-in-progress, giving your potential readers a taste of what they can expect by buying your book.

By the way, don’t forget to add a CTA! It’s a powerful method for driving engagement, allowing visitors to sign up for your email list or buy your book.

Need help figuring out how to effectively use CTAs? Check out this blog post!

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Create Dedicated Social Media Accounts

As far as book marketing is concerned, few tools are more powerful than social media. After all, nothing beats having a direct, intimate connection with your readers, and that’s exactly what you get by establishing a presence on Facebook, TikTok, X, and the rest. It also doesn’t hurt that any major literary critic worth their salt will be on social media, too, which gives you a chance to connect with them and give your book a push in the process.

What’s more, it seems like there’s a new trend taking social media by storm every day. Just take BookTok and Bookstagram, for example. These trends are relevant to your marketing because they’re about book lovers wanting to discover something new. Strike while the iron is hot by developing hashtags related to your book and putting up social media ads that can get the word out about your new release.

Incorporate SEO

How to Market Your Book With SEO

If there’s one thing you should learn about how to market a book, it’s that search engine optimization is key. You’ve probably heard the term get thrown around a lot - that’s mostly because of how effective it is in terms of bringing traffic to a particular site or social media account. In fact, you can get 1,000% more traffic through SEO than you would through social media marketing!

Strategically incorporating keywords into your author site’s metadata, social media posts, and blog posts makes it more likely that you’ll show up when someone makes a relevant query on a search engine.  Ideally, if someone searches for new books in 2024, your book should come up! Again, if you’re still new to the SEO game, don’t hesitate to outsource. It’s better to have an expert handle these types of things, especially if your talents lie more on the creative end of the spectrum.

SEO is a powerful tool, but only if you know what you’re doing. Read this blog post about aligning your SEO strategy with Google’s recent algorithm update!

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Invest In an Eye-Catching Cover

The Importance of Cover Design in Book Marketing

Have you ever walked through a book aisle and become absolutely captivated by one of the covers? You’re not alone. As many as 80% of readers get interested in a book purely because of its cover, and 60% base their purchasing decision on it. This makes it pretty clear that you need a great cover, one that looks professional and effectively communicates your book’s subject matter.

Remember that this cover will be the centerpiece of your marketing campaign. It’ll be the first thing that people see when you post ads on social media and you’ll display it prominently on your author site, so it’s best to get it done right. Consider hiring a graphic designer to make it happen, and don’t be afraid to ask for revisions. Your book deserves the best cover it can get!

Get Reader Reviews

If you’re interested in self-publishing on Amazon, which you should be considering it has a 67% share of the ebook market in America, you need to tailor your marketing accordingly. Studies show that there’s an 88% correlation between the number of reviews a book has and its total sales. This means that you need as many reviews as possible as soon as possible after your book is launched, but how can you achieve that when no one’s read it yet?

Well, you can start by distributing advance copies to beta readers! They can give you an honest critique of your work from a regular person’s point of view, and if you include a CTA asking for a review, you might be able to get a headstart on that front. And yes, that includes physical books too. You’re self-publishing, here, which means you have license to do what you please! As long as the CTA is tasteful and doesn’t hurt the reading experience, you’re good to go.

Let Us Help You Get Your Book Off the Ground

Amazon self-publishing has made it easier to establish a readerbase, but that’s a bit of a double edged sword. You see, if anyone can get published, that means everyone’s competing for a limited number of readers. That’s why Content Development Pros works with authors to help them hit the ground running.

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