Google Search Console, Bing’s Keyword Research Tool, Social Media News & More Industry Updates

Google Core Update for August 2023

This week, we have some major updates from industry giants. From Google's new search engine console to Twitter’s (X) new creator studio, let’s explore the latest happenings in the realm of digital marketing!

Stay in the Know About the Latest in the SEO/Google Realm


Google Search Console launches new Performance Report

Google Core Update for August 2023A new Performance Report from Google Search Console provides website owners with more insights on how their content is doing in Google Search. Multiple indicators including clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and average position, are all included in the new report.

The purpose of the Performance Report is to assist website owners in identifying both their best-performing and content with most promising potential. The report can, for instance, display to website owners which pages have a high click-through rate but a low average position. These pages may be optimized using this information to perform better in search results.

Google Search Console users may see the new Performance Report. Simply go into your Search Console account and select the to view the report under the "Performance" tab.


Bing launches New Keyword Research Tool

Google Core Update for August 2023Bing Keyword Planner is yet another groundbreaking, brand-new keyword research tool. Viewers may study terms, find similar keywords, and acquire predicted search volumes with this application. A useful tool for website owners and SEO specialists who want to increase their website's exposure in search results is the Bing Keyword Planner.

Simply input a seed term into Bing term Planner, and the program will provide you with a list of similar keywords, expected search volumes, and degrees of competition. The results may also be filtered by the user's device, location, and other preferences.

The Bing Keyword Planner is a freely accessible tool for all users. Just create a Bing Ads account and log in to use the feature.


Lighthouse 9.0 Released

Google Core Update for August 2023With several new features and enhancements, Lighthouse 9.0, a free and open-source application that assists website owners in raising the caliber of their websites, has been published.

A new performance score that is more thorough and precise than the old one is included in the updated edition. New accessibility audits included in Lighthouse 9.0 assist website owners in locating and resolving accessibility problems on their sites.

Furthermore, a new best practices section in Lighthouse 9.0 offers website owners advice on how to enhance their sites for several purposes, including SEO, accessibility, and performance.


Unveiling the Latest in the World of Social Media

Twitter Launches New Creator Studio

Google Core Update for August 2023Twitter has launched a new Creator Studio that provides creators with a suite of tools to manage their Twitter accounts and grow their audience. The Creator Studio includes tools for analytics, content management, and community management. This new tool is designed to help creators create and share high-quality content, engage with their audience, and measure their results.

 The Creator Studio provides creators with detailed analytics about their Twitter accounts, including their reach, engagement, and followers. This information can help creators understand how their content is performing and to make informed decisions about their Twitter strategy. The Creator Studio also allows creators to schedule tweets, draft tweets, and manage their media library. This can help creators to save time and to be more efficient with their content creation process.


Instagram Launches New Reels Insights

Google Core Update for August 2023Instagram has released new Reels Insights that offer more information to producers about the performance of their Reels. Data on views, likes, comments, shares, and saves are among the new insights. With the use of this data, producers may better understand the types of Reels material that appeal to their audience and enhance the effectiveness of their Reels.

All creators with a business or creator account can access the new Reels Insights. Just choose the Insights button beneath any reel on your Reels page to access your Reels Insights.

You can find out what sort of Reels matter to your audience is most interested in with the aid of the new Reels Insights. You can discover which Reels have received the most views, likes, comments, shares, and saves, for instance. You may use this knowledge to provide more Reels material that will probably be interesting to your audience.


Facebook launches new Meta Business Suite

Google Core Update for August 2023For companies looking to manage their social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, the Meta Business Suite offers a one-stop shop. It has a number of features that can improve productivity and save time for organizations.

Businesses can access and control all of their Facebook and Instagram profiles from a single dashboard by using the Meta Business Suite. By eliminating the need to transfer between systems, this can save time.

Moreover, the Meta Business Suite has resources for writing and sharing content on Facebook and Instagram. This can make it easier for firms to produce and distribute interesting content to their target audience.

The Meta Business Suite also comes with solutions for Instagram and Facebook ad management. This can assist companies in developing and managing successful advertising campaigns that reach their intended audience.

Lastly, there are tools in the Meta Business Suite for monitoring Instagram and Facebook data. This can assist companies in determining the effectiveness of their content and in making well-informed decisions on their social media strategy.


What Is Breaking Ground in Generative AI & Content Marketing?

Google Search Updates Documentation On Content Guidelines

Google Core Update for August 2023Google has clarified its standards for high-quality material in its new guidance on content rules. The significance of producing material that is educational, beneficial, and captivating is emphasized in the new criteria. Additionally, Google disapproves of the production of material that is primarily targeted at search engines or intended to influence search results.

Giving people the most pertinent and helpful information is Google's mission. In order to accomplish this, Google must be able to rely on the high caliber of the material that it indexes. The purpose of Google's content guidelines is to assist website owners in producing material that both satisfies user expectations and adheres to Google standards.


LinkedIn launches new Content Hub

Google Core Update for August 2023Businesses now have a central location to manage their LinkedIn content thanks to the introduction of LinkedIn's new Content Hub. Content creation and publishing capabilities, post scheduling, and analytics tracking are all included in the Content Hub. With the aid of this new tool, organizations can better manage their LinkedIn content and save time.

  • Prepare your content ahead of time: Make prior plans for your LinkedIn material using the material Hub. This will assist you in making sure that you consistently post material of the highest caliber.
  • Make use of several content formats: A wide range of material forms, including articles, photos, videos, and links, are supported by the material Hub. Make use of a range of material types to maintain audience interest.
  • After your material has been published, make sure to promote it.

HubSpot Launches New Content Strategy Tool

Google Core Update for August 2023A new content strategy tool from HubSpot assists companies in creating and executing a content marketing plan. Features for audience analysis, content planning, and keyword research are all included in the program. This new tool is intended to assist companies in producing content that meets their marketing objectives and is pertinent to their intended audience.

For companies of all sizes, the HubSpot Content Strategy Tool is an invaluable resource. It can assist companies in:

  • Create a content strategy: The tool offers companies a detailed how-to guide for creating a content plan. This involves selecting content forms, establishing goals, and determining the target audience.
  • Perform keyword research: Companies may find pertinent keywords for their content by using this tool. This can assist companies in raising their search engine results.

What’s New in the Video Industry? Let’s Loop You in!

YouTube launched New Shorts Monetization Program

Google Core Update for August 2023With the introduction of YouTube's new Shorts Monetization service, producers may now profit from their Shorts films. Currently under beta testing, the service is accessible to creators in the UK and the US. Creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views in the last 90 days in order to be eligible for the program.

An important advancement for YouTube Shorts, the platform's retort to TikTok, is this new service. Up to 60 seconds long, shorts are a type of short-form video that may be made with a range of tools, such as music, filters, and effects.

The Shorts Monetization initiative will let producers get revenue from their Shorts films in a number of ways, such as through fan fundraising, advertising, and memberships.