Google Maps’ New Feature Announcement & More Industry Updates

Google Core Update for August 2023

The past week has been rather fruitful for many digital marketing and social media giants. From Google Maps’ new AI feature to TikTok’s informative Made for TikTok video series for its ad professionals, let’s explore all the latest industry news!

Stay in the Know About the Latest in the SEO/Google Realm


Google Announced New AI Features for Google Maps

Google Core Update for August 2023Google Maps is set to receive a series of exciting AI-driven updates.

Immersive View, a visually advanced feature, offers detailed 3D previews of routes, letting users experience journeys virtually. This interactive experience allows users to plan their trip by exploring different routes from various vantage points.

Google Lens expands, offering information on nearby amenities through augmented reality. Additionally, Google Maps focuses on electric vehicle drivers, providing charger-specific details to alleviate "charging anxiety" on trips.

For those looking for thematic queries like "animal latte art," AI-driven visual results display matching locations. These improvements leverage AI, computer vision, and image recognition, enhancing users' navigation and discovery experience.


Google Expands Image Fact-Checking & Source Verification Tools

Google Core Update for August 2023Google is expanding its efforts to combat online misinformation by introducing new image fact-checking and source verification tools. These features aim to enhance user confidence when navigating online information. 

One key update is the global availability of the "About This Image" feature, offering historical context about images, helping users determine if they're taken out of context or altered. 

Google is also integrating image fact-checking for journalists through its Fact Check Explorer. Additionally, they are experimenting with AI models to provide contextual information about lesser-known websites. 

These updates respond to the challenge of misinformation spread through manipulated or out-of-context images, aiming to help users evaluate online information more confidently.


Unveiling the Latest in the World of Social Media

TikTok and Hubspot Introduce CRM PArtnership for B2B Lead Generation

Google Core Update for August 2023TikTok and Hubspot have unveiled a game-changing partnership aimed at revolutionizing B2B lead generation. The collaboration allows for real-time lead synchronization from TikTok to HubSpot's Smart CRM. 

This integration comes at a time when many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are grappling with increasing customer acquisition costs. HubSpot's research shows that 53% of American SMBs faced increasing customer acquisition costs from 2021 to 2022. 

The partnership between HubSpot and TikTok provides a solution to this challenge by automating B2B lead capture from TikTok, turning engaged audiences into potential high-value customers. 

The integration streamlines the setup process, offering a centralized platform for managing prospects. It’s currently only available in the U.S. and Canada.


Snap Inc. Promises Better Return on Investment for Advertisers

Google Core Update for August 2023Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, has seen a 5% increase in revenue in the latest quarter after two consecutive quarters of decline. Advertising remains Snap's primary revenue source.

To counter the volatile nature of the ad market, Snap has made substantial investments in improving its advertising platform. It has employed machine learning models to optimize ad ranking, leading to improved ROI for advertisers. 

Snap's latest efforts have resulted in lower-funnel revenue growth year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter. Additionally, its 7/0 Pixel Purchase optimization allows advertisers to bid for attributed seven-day clickthrough conversions. 

Snap's dedication to continue refining its ad platform and enhancing response quality indicates its focus on long-term commercial success.


TikTok Unveils Made for TikTok Video Series

Google Core Update for August 2023TikTok launched its "Made for TikTok:Talking Creative" video series, aiming to offer valuable insights and guidance from industry experts on using the platform effectively for branding. 

The series will include discussions with ad professionals from creative agencies, brand teams, and creator agencies, focusing on crafting TikTok-specific content that resonates with the community. 

The first episode features Matt Ian, Chief Creative Officer at Deutsch LA, known for Taco Bell's "Anti-Hero" campaign. These expert insights provide a fresh perspective on TikTok promotions and offer ideas for refining your TikTok marketing strategies. 


What Is Breaking Ground in Generative AI & Content Marketing?

The Latest ChatGPT Version Offers Simultaneous Access to All GPT-4 Tools

Google Core Update for August 2023OpenAI is set to release an updated version of ChatGPT, giving users access to all GPT-4 tools seamlessly. This new multimodal GPT-4 version allows users to upload and analyze various document types. 

It includes advanced data analysis, DALL·E 3, and built-in browsing capabilities. Notably, users can now upload images and request DALL·E 3 to generate responses, expanding generative AI capabilities. 

This release could render many third-party ChatGPT plugins obsolete. Furthermore, the multimodal GPT-4 appears to feature a more recent knowledge cutoff date, enhancing the AI’s accuracy.

This update represents a significant stride in bridging the gap between text-based queries and a more interactive, multimodal AI experience.


Amazon Introduces Gen AI Image Tool for Its Advertisers

Google Core Update for August 2023Amazon Ads is taking a step into the future of digital advertising by introducing a generative AI-powered image creation tool to simplify the ad creative process. 

According to an Amazon survey, nearly 75% of advertisers find ad creative development challenging. This new AI tool uses generative AI to craft lifestyle-oriented images designed to boost click-through rates by up to 40%. 

Amazon advertisers can select their product, click "Generate," and the tool creates various lifestyle-themed images based on the product details, enhancing the ads' real-life context.

Amazon's move aims to democratize access to high-quality, context-rich ad imagery, empowering businesses of all sizes to create compelling and effective digital advertisements.


What’s New in the Video Industry? Let’s Loop You in!

Detail’s New Feature Offers Multi-Camera Podcast Recording With iPhones

Google Core Update for August 2023Detail, a startup specializing in video recording and editing apps for Mac and iPhone, has introduced a new multiplayer feature that simplifies the recording of multi-camera podcasts using two iPhones or iPads. 

This update for iOS synchronizes video and audio feeds between the devices, reducing post-production work. Users can effortlessly switch between layouts like side-by-side, picture-in-picture, or full-screen during podcast editing. 

The startup released its Mac app in 2022, followed by the iOS app earlier this year, offering features like green screen editing, AI captions, and teleprompters. 

Detail has secured $7 million in funding and has plans to introduce features such as remote recording and AI-powered auto-editing in the near future.


YouTube Expands Its Partner Program to More Countries

Google Core Update for August 2023YouTube is extending its YouTube Partner Program to more regions, granting creators in different areas access to monetization features with reduced entry requirements.

Earlier this year, YouTube revised the program's qualifications, lowering the subscriber threshold from 1,000 to 500.

While ad revenue sharing still requires 1,000 subscribers, the lower criteria provide access to fan funding and in-stream promotions, expanding monetization opportunities for more creators.

With the recent expansion, creators in 37 more countries now qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, bringing the total to 99 regions. YouTube plans to continue this expansion, giving more creators opportunities to earn through the platform.