Blogging is the in-thing these days especially when it comes to bringing your business strategies or your ideas out in the open and make it relatable to the public. Choosing interactive and appealing topics for your blog may seem to be a daunting task, but once you know WHAT to write and HOW to write it, the figures for your readership will increase with a bang!

Here are few guidelines that can help you narrow down your search to topics that are not only engaging but also informative for the general public and will grip readers from the word go!

Ask Yourself. Why?

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind when thinking to start a blog is to search for an internal bout of motivation and determine what is the main purpose and idea behind your writing. Jot down a few pointers in your mind depending upon whether you want to promote your business, educate the readers or share your aspirations and ideas. This will equip you with the right kind of focus and will also be integral in judging your strengths and weaknesses.

What’s Your Calling?

It is a good idea to start a blog by writing about topics that you are familiar with or that hold a certain interest for you. This will not only help in increasing your enthusiasm and passion for the blog, but you will also be able to express your vision and ideas in an easy and flowing language. Similarly, writing about topics that are relevant to your education, experience and professional preferences will be an added advantage as you will have a better command and understanding of these fields.

Tell the People – What’s Hot and What’s not!

Nobody wants to read about content that is outdated and old fashioned – so make sure that whatever you put on your blog is fresh, interesting and at par with the latest trends and innovations. Be it industry related information or hip and trendy ideas, anything and everything that you write should give something new to think about to the reader.


Remember, there is a lot of competition in the industry nowadays and dozens of blogs are sprouting everyday with hordes of information publicly available. Go through blogs and portals that post similar content to yours so that you do not end up writing on topics that are already available and are able to bring something new to the web every time you post with your own touch of creativity and spark!

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