Well, it depends. Do you want greater traffic for your website? Do you want to expand your reach to a wider audience? Most importantly, do you want your business to generate more leads? If you said yes to any of those questions, you do need to learn how to a hire a blogger for your blog.

Why Should I Hire a Blogger?

Blog writers can articulate your thoughts much more eloquently than you can

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Bloggers, or professional blog writers, are experts at writing on various topics. They not only gauge the interest of a core audience, but they also make content accessible to a wider audience.

Great blog writers understand how readers find and consume content on the internet.

The content they create:

  • Is optimized for search engine results
  • Includes images and headings to increase content readability
  • Has links and call-to-actions that boost search engine results and conversions

When you hire a writer for your blog, you’re not hiring them for the words that they write. You’re hiring them for the results you’re going to get from the content that you publish.

How Much Do You Pay a Blog Writer?

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How much do you pay blog writer can range from tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars per blog post. The rates vary depending on the length of the blog post, your quality requirement (bulk orders will most likely come with discounts), and project brief / complexity.

Blog writing services charge per word and the pricing is:

  • 3 star quality : $0.39 per word
  • 4 star quality: $0.06 per word
  • 5 star quality: $0.08 per word

Price for a 1,000-word blog post comes to:

It’s recommended that figure out what’s more important for you. If you have time to fine tune and edit content, it is recommended that you hire 3 star writers and make their content publish-ready for all intents and purposes.

On the other hand, if you’re pressed for time, or need high quality publish-ready content, you’ll have to pay for it. Hiring 4-star or 5-star writers for your blog is the need of the hour.

Pay As You Go

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Pay-as-you-go is a structure that works well for blog managers that have very specific requirements and time to spare.

Essentially what you’re doing is you’re hiring a blog writer to write one blog post at a time and paying them on delivery.

The best advantage of following this structure is that you only have to pay for one piece of content at a time, this minimizing risk in case the writer goes AWOL. Another reason why this is a good structure is that you can micro-manage your project.

The biggest drawback of following this structure is that you cannot scale without a headache. Also, you cannot negotiate better pricing when you need and place a larger order.

Monthly Blog Writing Service

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Monthly blog management is your best bet if you want regular blog posts and don’t want into the specifics of how to hire a blogger – not to mention managing them and the blog.

With blog management, you will pay fixed rates for services, have access to expert blog writers across different niches, and have them adhere to specific project deadlines. All of that’s invaluable when you’re trying to build up readership and continued interest.

If you have a business that should publish monthly or weekly blogs, then hiring a monthly blog writing service is your best bet.

One major advantage of a monthly blog writing service is the price. They offer much better rates because of the retainer element that comes with such contracts plus they are negotiable. You can also raise or lower total costs without affecting frequency of content production by having a mix of different word counts or quality tiers within the same package.

You can also hire a blogger to promote you business. They would write content, source images and publish the content directly on your WordPress. Put your blog on auto-pilot by hiring a blog writing and publishing service.

Full-Time Blogger

WordPress open on a laptop

If you have the money to hire a full-time blogger, then you should also consider this option. But how much do you pay a blog writer when they are on your payroll?

This is the most expensive option of the three. You have to pay a full time salary, 401K, benefits, and have office space for your blogger. Another major consideration is time. You’ll have to manage one other employee and give them feedback regularly.

The advantages are obvious. A full-time blogger will be completed committed to your blog. Whatever work you hand over to them will be put on the first priority list. However, with this comes a clear disadvantage of hiring full-time bloggers. Say that you give them a certain topic to write on, and they perform well. There is no guarantee that they will deliver on the same quality for a different topic or niche.

In contrast, when you hire a blog writing agency, the wealth of writing talent at their disposal assures quality. No worries if one writer is weak in a certain niche, there tens of others writers that can take up the order.

Full-time bloggers are useful when it comes to delivering on the same kinds of topics week after week. However, if you want to post on a variety of different topics, you’re at a disadvantage.

Where Can I Find Blog Writers?

Blog writer working on a blog post

Finding a great blog writer isn’t easy. Sure, you can find ads for a dozen blog writing agencies when you do a quick search on Google. You can also find independent freelancers on several job boards and freelancing portals. However, that is no guarantee of quality. You may get varied levels of quality from different blog agencies, independent freelancers, and even full-time bloggers.

Freelance Portals

A lot of freelance bloggers and independent blog writers advertise on freelance job boards such as Fiverr and Upwork. However, the quality of their work can vary widely. You can get the same level of quality from a blogger that is charging $5 as from someone charging $50.

At the same time, there’s no guarantee that any of these bloggers will be beholden to you since they have independent gigs. They may choose to ignore your order for a bigger one, or go on vacation when you really need to get a project completed quickly.

This is not to say that there isn’t great talent on freelance job boards, it’s just that quality is very inconsistent.

What’s more, freelance bloggers work independently. They don’t have any supervisors, and since they’re working from all over the world, there’s no easy way to manage them. Some of the service providers that are listed as entire companies are just a few people working out of a home office. Hence, the quality of the product is always a gamble.

Content Agency

Blog writing agencies offer the most reliable blog writing services. If you want to hire a professional blogger with good quality output, going down this route is the best option.

This isn’t a matter of opinion, it’s a fact. Blog writing agencies have a structure that monitors quality of work and service deliverability. Any other portal will just connect you to blog writers that will take up your project. However, an agency will make sure they deliver on time and on quality. If done correctly, blogging can be a game changer for your business.

Supervisors and project managers are specifically hired at blog writing agencies to distribute work and monitor delivery. They not only assure that deadlines are met, but that any work that needs revisions or rewrites is promptly corrected. You can’t get that guarantee on any freelancing portal or job board.

In terms of reliability and quality, nothing can beat the consistency of blog writing agencies.

How Do I Find Good Blog Writers?

Blog writer’s desk with a smartphone, diary, and laptop

How to Hire Bloggers

You can go with one of the three options that are most popular on the internet. You can hire freelancers, but they’re too unreliable. One can turn out great, but the next five can be terrible. You can also go to job boards or freelance job boards. However, there’s no one that will supervise those bloggers to deliver. Hence, you’ll essentially be stuck with the same caveats as freelance bloggers.

However, there is a third option which has none of the caveats of the first two. If you hire a blog writing agency, they will deliver content on a regular basis. Since they will have dedicated writers for your project, you will have assurances of delivery on time and on quality.

Finally, in a blog writing agency, you will be assured of the rates that will be charged. You will be able to negotiate and request revisions on a package. That is something that individual bloggers or job boards will never be able to guarantee.

What to Ask Before Hiring Someone to Write Blog Posts

When working with bloggers, you need to discuss their rates, their assurance of meeting deadlines, and their emphasis on quality. If their rate is too low, then you’re probably dealing with a novice. There is a chance that you might unearth a gem. However, there is risk involved.

If they promise impossible timelines (like delivering a 10,000-word article in a day), then they’ll likely compromise on the quality of the work or go MIA in the middle of the task.

However, blog writing agencies work differently. They have a team of individuals who study the project, commit to a reasonable deadline, and deliver quality-assured work.

What Is a Blog Writing Service?

Professional blog writer working on a blog post

A blog writing service generates high-quality content for a business, an individual, or other organizations. It is a dedicated service that delivers content to your niche audience. Not only that, it also helps you expand your outreach to a wider audience.

Blog writing services employ professional blog writers who have trained and learned all there is about content writing, thus the results and impact of their work is there for all to see. They’ll not just write but take care of SEO, the quality of write-up will be well above par, and content will always be highly relevant.

They ensure that your content hits home with your audience and caters to their tastes and your requirements. Whether you need content to sell your product, promote your service, or gauge your audience’s interest, they’ll deliver.

Does that answer your question of why should I hire a blogger in the first place?

How to Evaluate the Best Blog Writing Service

Reviews of ContentDevelopmentPros

There can be various ways of evaluating the quality of a blog writing service. You can check out their mentions online, request a reference, ask for their clients, etc. You can also ask for their rates. Usually blog writing agencies charge fair rates for great work.

However, if they charge obscenely low rates and promise impossible targets, then they’re lying to you. The best way to check their authenticity is to look for their presence online, or to get a referral from a satisfied client. That way, you’ll be sure that you’re availing a tried and tested service.

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