In today’s world, the first interaction between a business and its prospective customers generally takes place online. This is why businesses put in a lot of time, money, and effort into building their online presence.

Despite the emergence and popularity of different social media platforms, a website still plays a key role – it can make or break its online presence.

While everyone agrees that having a website, a good one to be more precise, is a key element to attract customers, people may have different views about the impact each component of a website has on its performance. Even though factors like the design, layout, and use of images and videos are important in attracting potential customers, the web copy plays a crucial role.

It is the written text that has the power to convert visitors into leads and customers. Well-researched, engaging, and powerful web copy helps improve visibility and stand out from its competitors.

That being said, a large number of companies downplay the significance of the text that goes on their website and miss the golden opportunity to increase their customer base.

Writing strong and effective web copy is both art and science. It is skill that one needs to learn and master to become successful in the highly competitive world of digital marketing. Ask yourself the following questions to find out if your website copy is doing what it should.

1.      Is The Copy Engaging Enough To Keep Visitors Hooked?

Good website copy is a lot more than just writing down a few lines about your company and your products or services. Your web copy should interest visitors enough for them to stay on your website.

The more time visitors spend on your website, the more engaged they will become and the more likely they are to convert.

An effective way to keep visitors longer on your website is to curate your website in a way that it keeps users moving through the website and directs them to other pages in a way that doesn’t feel forced. This can be done by ensuring that you only provide as much information, on one page, as required to engage visitors and entice their curiosity and then direct them to another page of your website for more information.

This increases the chances that the visitor ends up converting into a customer or at least a lead.

2.      Are You Addressing the Audience’s Pain Points?

One of the major mistakes that unfortunately a large number of website copywriters make is that they make it all about their company and ignore their audience. To be able to convert visitors, your web copy should address the pain points of your audience.

Rather than highlighting the features of your product or service, tell your customers what they get from your product or service, how it fulfills their needs, and solves their problems.

Start off by addressing the queries or problems that might have directed visitors to your site. In other words, your website copy should answer the question, “What customer needs does your product or service meet?”

This helps your end user connect with you and persuades them to take the desired action.

3.      Are You Giving Too Much Or Too Little Information?

Your website copy should provide only as much information to visitors as needed to convince them that they have a problem or need that can be best resolved or fulfilled by you.

If you are note giving enough information, you are missing opportunities to convert visitors into leads and customers.

4.      Is the Copy Optimized?

Your website copy needs to be engaging and more importantly discoverable. You might have written great web copy, but if it is not optimized for search engines it is highly likely that your target audience will never find it.

What’s the point of investing time and effort in creating compelling web copy when no one is going to read it?

Identifying keywords and incorporating them in the text on your website is crucial to online visibility.

5.      Is the Copy Flawless?

You’d be surprised by how common basic mistakes like typos and poor grammar are. Most visitors will leave your website and never return to it if they spot errors. After all, they want to hire expert web content writers. They’re not going to settle for a business that can’t even put together a couple of paragraphs without messing that up!

6.      Is Your Web Copy Too Promotional Or Salesy?

The key to creating lead-generating website copy is to make it effective without being overly promotional. Your copy should highlight the ways your business is better than the rest and the differentiating factors of your products or services without reading like an ad.

7.      Trust Pros to Do the Job

To get the most out of your website, get your web copy written by our professional and experienced website copywriting team. Our web copywriters use the right amount of trigger words and punch lines to grab—and hold—the readers’ attention.

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