Ever wonder why blogging is important for a website?

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn why.

Capital One recently conducted some very interesting research. In the study, they interviewed 400 small, for profit businesses. Turns out, only 224 (53%) of the businesses had a website for their business!

You’re already ahead of the curve if you have a website. That being said, you need to consistently publish great blog posts to really dominate your niche.

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What will a blog do for a company?

More than you’d expect! Blog posts offer several benefits for businesses. The best part is that you can track several of these advantages in real time. Others will take some time, but as the saying goes, “all good things are worth waiting for.”

Here are some points that will help you understand the importance of a blog on a website.

Position your brand the way you want

Statistically, in most cases, searches begin on Google. But to make a point, I’m going to show you an example of why it’s important to have a blog on your website by running a search on Yelp.

I looked up plumbers in Austin, Texas and found a great service.

Positive reviews on Yelp are great for business!

It had plenty of positive reviews, the phone number was easy to find, and it seemed like I found what I was looking for. However, I decided to Google the company to find out if they have any skeletons in the closet.

Here’s what came up:

The business did not list business hours nor did it appear as if they had a website.

After a deeper search, I did find their website on Google.

I clicked on the link, and the following page loaded.

Most people that open this website would assume that the business has closed down.

To explain the point that I’m about to make, I showed you an example of a business with positive reviews. Please realize that not every business has positive reviews.

Walmart has negative reviews. Google has poor reviews. We both know these are amazing businesses.

The best thing this particular service provider has going for them is that they have great reviews on Yelp. But you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. They would lose almost all of the business they generate through the internet if they didn’t have these review, if Yelp changed their search strategy, or if a few pissed of customers started sharing negative reviews.

What does all of this have to with blog posts? Everything.

This business is not controlling its destiny online. It doesn’t have a grip on what potential customers are seeing.

Through blog posts, the business could rank its website to get to the first result on Google. That way, it can dictate what it wants leads to see and what it doesn’t want them to see online.

Don’t be at the mercy of the internet, position your brand and push the narrative you want to through blog content.

Increase the amount of traffic your website attracts

This is the result that came back when I searched, “best plumbing service in Austin, Texas”.

According to several studies, the first five organic search results get 75% of all the traffic.

When you closely analyze these five websites, you will notice differences in web content strategy. But the one thing that’s common is… you guessed it… they have blog posts on their website!

Simply put, you’re guaranteed to see a proportionate increase in organic traffic when you start publishing blog posts regularly.

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Cast a wider net

Regularly publishing great blog posts helps your website rank on the keywords you want to compete on. You’re also going to end up ranking on other keywords as a byproduct.

That’s definitely the right kind of problem to have.

Let’s assume you’re targeting the following keywords:

  • plumber in Austin, Texas
  • plumbing companies in Austin, Texas
  • commercial plumbers in Austin, Texas

You may not target it, but if you’re working with professional writers you’ll most likely begin ranking on similar keywords such as:

  • plumbing service
  • reliable plumber
  • professional commercial plumber

Savvy writers are always going to get you the most bang for your buck because they curate content in such a manner that the content they create includes keyword and phrases that’ll help your site rank.

Blog posts like the ones you see right above this block of text are a game changer. These evergreen posts are going to bring in loads of the right type of traffic to your website.

You’d hire a plumber to solve drainage issues… then why not hire a writer for your blog?

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