Hiring a blog management company

Every business needs regular blogging activity to stay relevant. The fact of the matter is that creating a blog is one thing, and maintaining it is quite another. And there is where hiring a blog management company starts making sense.

Blog management brings with it its unique set of challenges. The KPI’s associated with having a successful revenue generating blog go beyond regular weekly postings. There are dozens of aspects to consider; starting with the content itself.

Should You Outsource Your Blog

If you’re able to find the time to put out content regularly, yet the results aren’t forthcoming, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Is the content entertaining? Is it news worthy? Is it engaging and targeted towards your target audience? Does it offer something new and unique? How will it be perceived by viewers? Will it ranked by Google accordingly? What keywords should be included in it? How to make this content go viral? How much traffic can this post generate? How will comments on the posts be moderated, regulated and responded to?

If nothing else, these questions should make you realize that blog management is serious work and best left to professionals.

The rewards however justify the effort put in quite handsomely. The immense web traffic potential, the high search engine ranking for your domain, combined with potential lead generation and new client acquisition opportunities, make hiring a blog management company a no brainer.

What Professional Blog Management Services Include

Blog management programs in a nutshell include end-to-end management of your blog. From keyword research, content planning, creation, scheduling to publishing.

For example, the blog management programs at Content Development Pros are inclusive of the following services:

  1. Doing the preliminary research on your niche to come up with a content plan. This includes keyword research and competitor analysis.
  2. Creation of a (custom) blog post for business & marketing purposes: Our blog posts are fresh, customizable, and 100% original so that you enjoy an exponentially increased blog fan base.
  3. Updates & maintenance: We will regularly update your blog software to ensure that your database is backed up for emergencies and that you’re kept informed of major changes like plugin updates.
  4. Management of all blog posts: This includes everything from scheduling new posts to eliminating comment spam.
  5. Targeted outreach: We’ll share all the latest blog posts on your social media sites, build external hyperlinks to the published content and help you increase your website’s authority in the industry.

Regular SEO blog writing services like these are indispensable to any business because they compel online traffic to your website, boost your business’s exposure on various social media channels and engage potential & existing customers.

Why Your Business Needs Regular Blog Posts

There’s more than one reason to setup a blog for your business offerings. Corporate blogs provide readers a chance to connect with your organization in an entirely different way. They allow you to establish a connection that goes beyond the regular customer-service provider relationship.

Get More Website Visitors

There are two main categories of visitors you get to your business website. The first are those who want to do business with you and specifically type in your company’s name in their search engine—your existing customers.

The second category, the potential customers or leads are the primary sources to amplify web traffic to your website. Instead of solely relying on a multitude of expensive paid ads or buying email lists, create SEO blog posts related to your offerings.

Each time you publish a blog post on your website, it’s a cue for search engines like Google that your business website is active and constantly posts new, relevant content. So, you get a higher chance to show up in popular Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and boost traffic.

Have A Conversation With Your Readers

From Harley Davidson to Amazon, there are several successful companies that keep customer care at the top of their priority lists. The reason is simple—it helps your business.

Under each blog post that you publish on your site, keep the comment section open. This’ll give your visitors a chance to get in touch with you via two-way communication—to really connect with you.

One of our blog management services includes monitoring all blog comments, responding to them and engaging with visitors on your behalf. Once readers see the quick feedback and prompt replies to their queries, they’ll consider your business as a credible source for their next purchase.

Enjoy More Shares On Social Media Channels

There’s no better way to keep your social media presence going strong than by hiring blog management services because they create brand-new, engaging social media posts linked to your blogs, products/services.

Some of the most popular sites that people share content on include LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Not only does this shared content increase your business’ online exposure to new audiences, but it also strengthens your social media channels as an important driver of new customers.

Convert Traffic Into Leads Faster

Once you’ve increased directed traffic to your website, it’s time to convince them to place an order. Your blog posts present a golden opportunity to convert incoming traffic into leads.

The best way to do this is to simply include a compelling Call To Action (CTA)at the end of each post which encourages your readers to check out the products or services you offer. You can link to any related webpage on your website such as a particular offering, free trials, fact sheets or free eBooks.

This is a 4-step process:

  1. Incoming visitor traffic to your website
  2. A prominent CTA added to a post linking to a relevant product or free offer
  3. Visitor clicks on the CTA and is directed to a landing page containing a purchase order form
  4. After information submission, they receive the product/service/offer

All of the blog posts we create are inclusive of a lead-generating Call To Actions that is optimized to boost conversions.

Common Blogging Problems that We Can Resolve for You

We’ve been doing this long enough to know what kind of problems you might be facing when trying to manage your blog yourself.

  1. Lack of time: Blogging is a serious endeavor that needs time investment and commitment. You have to take time out each day to come up with relevant topics and put them into words. When you’re not fully committed, quality suffers and you’re not achieving what you set out to.
  2. Running out of topics to write about: You might be the foremost expert in your niche. However, if you don’t truly have your fingers on the pulse, you will most likely run out of ideas soon. There is much thought and research that goes into just the content planning portion of blog management.
  3. Erratic quality: Assuming that you’re not a professional blogger, your blog quality will fluctuate with how you’re feeling on a certain days. On days when you’re in it whole-heartedly, the content may be amazing. But there will be days when you’re distracted or just not up to delivering your best.
  4. Engagement: If your blog posts get traction, you can expect some comments to start rolling in. Do you have the patience to engage with your audience? What would your reaction be if someone was to attack you or disagree with you? It’s not easy as it sounds.
  5. Uneven Results: There is some science that goes into blog management. It’s true that quality content should organically attract attention. But, you cannot ignore SEO, competitor research, internal linking and of course your call to actions. Monitoring traffic, conversions, and tweaking content to optimize these things takes some doing.

So should you outsource your blog? Well, if you can identify with any or all of the problems above – then it’s probably wise that you think of hiring a blog management company.

Hire Us for Blog Management Services!

At Content Development Pros, you have the chance to hire an industry expert of your choice. Our professional blog writing services can help you outrank competition in search engine rankings and attract higher organic traffic to your website. In addition, our custom-written blogs are ghost-written, proof-read and re-edited as per your request.

We employ top talents across all industries like Finance, Real Estate, Home Maintenance, eCommerce, Technology, Dental, Legal, Fitness and Marketing who have years’ of experience in this field.