It’s been quite some time since blogging has seen its sweet honeymoon period. For many of us, blogging is now a life partner, regardless of how bitter or sweet the relationship is. It is ‘sweetly bitter’ or ‘bitterly sweet’, I just can’t say it with decisiveness, but one thing I can attest to is that blogging is simply UN-DIVORCEABLE. When it comes to business blogging, it is the partner that proactively generates revenue, and if it is handled poorly it’s worse than your ex on their worst behavior!
Get New Customers

So who is blogging gonna be for you? A partner that brings home the bacon or………..?

In this post, I am going to help you make blogging you revenue-generating partner with time-tested tips and strategies.

Your business blog is a helpful tool that allows you to engage with your existing and potential customers. If haven’t started one, it is time you started one now. I reassure that you need a business blog yesterday.

How to Create a Successful Business Blog?

Your ultimate question will be about how to blog for your business, which I will answer in this post. But let’s see first why you must have it, so that you can work with more enthusiasm and leave no stone unturned to make it a surefire success.

Why Blog for Your Business?

Let’s see the reasons to make a business blog.

Easiest Way of Communication

It’s the simplest way to put out well-timed communication that helps create connections with your target audience and customers. You can share information with your audience without going through any technical stuff. When done correctly, it’s a great direct communication channel.

It promotes two-way communication where your audience comes and directly shares feedback and concerns. It supports interaction if you reply to comments on time.

Easy to Create

There is not a great deal of technical skills required. There are blog platforms which can easily be attached on your business website as a blog. As far as design is concerned, many beautiful blog themes are available, free and paid, so do not worry about designing either.

One of the most famous platforms is WordPress. It’s very user-friendly.

Supportive in Generating More Business

Hands down, it is the easiest means of communication. When you have good communication with your existing and potential customers, it automatically helps bring more business.

Means of Content Marketing

To write a blog post means to produce content and your business blog will be the central item in the list content marketing strategies. What else will you promote on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn if not your business blog?


Do you have a new product launch or a promotional offer? Are you expanding you business? Are you going to hold a business event? If there is anything to tell others, your business blog should be the first place to announce it.

Impactful Brand Builder

It allows you to present your business, tell your growth story, lets your business’ voice be heard. In a nutshell, it helps you build the brand image you want your audience to paint of your business. You can build your brand’s personality with this highly effective tool.


Your business blog builds confidence and relationships with your audience ultimately leading to more sales. Your continuous latest updates make your customers believe that you are very much in the business and will entertain their concerns in a timely manner.

Be the Industry Expert & Thought Leader

In business blog writing, you share the expertise you have in the industry and why you are better at what you do when compared with others. It is the place where you share new and thought-provoking ideas. It establishes you as an industry expert and a thought leader to follow.

Inspirational & Idea Generator

It is always inspiring when you write, as start seeing ideas you are surrounded by and you come up with valuable content at the end of writing.

Focus on Business Goals

It helps you stay focused and motivated to pursue your business goals and implement strategies with a clear vision of what your customers want, as you keep in touch with your audience through their interaction on the blog.

Helpful in SEO Campaigns

Search engines love valuable and fresh content, so do SEOs. If you equip your SEO campaign with such content, you will have amazing results and your business blog is the perfect way of doing it. It is actually the supreme fuel for your SEO campaign.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Some people write blogs on their own while many people hire professional business blog writing services, which is not an expensive way to manage a blog. A blog keeps you yielding business in a longer run, which makes is cost-effective marketing strategy.

Start A Live Chat

Audience Analytics

Among all reasons, this is the most crucial one. With a business blog, you get to see the real feedback, concerns, and suggestions of your existing and potential customers which generates extremely useful data for further improvement and future strategies.

I hope you realize the importance of having a business blog and what benefits you can get with it. I reckon that it will be more interesting and useful for you to learn how to create a successful business blog, so now we will move to the ‘how section’.

How to Blog for Your Business?

The reason to discuss the reasons of creating a blog for business will help you create and run it well, so let’s move forward.

1 – Entertain Your Customers First, SEO Later!

You primarily write a blog for the reader, not the machines and the search engines. By the way, search engines have updated a lot compared to the last decade and your SEO also has to be updated in accordance.

Well, what I am saying is that you entertain your customers first and develop a blog with a natural flow of the current needs. An SEO would want you to create a blog post of lengthy content, even if it does not require so many words. Instead, write as many words as needed and avoid confusing your readers with unnecessary information.

A good blog writer knows how to please both, your customers and SEOs, so take professional help.

2 – Focus Your Business

It is a business blog, right? Since we agree on this point, keep the posts focused on your services/products, company’s history, development, future and the like. It is not your personal blog, so avoid sharing your personal life on it.

At some occasions, you may share something personal, as many people are willing to know about the business owners, but keep it strictly controlled or take professional assistance to do it in an appropriate manner.

3 – Make a Clear Picture of ‘What’s in it for you?’

Customers come to you to get reliable solutions to their problems, concerns, needs, and wishes. Therefore, paint a clear picture of how and why your service/product can be the perfect solution they are looking for.

When your blog answers this query unambiguously, it will influence their buying decision. People tend to be convinced with informative content more instead of getting sales pitches and your business blog will do it perfectly.

4 – Plan in Advance

Though it is a valid excuse sometimes that you do not have enough time to write and you simply do not have ideas to write a post for your business blog, it can be handled very efficiently.

One solution is to hire a professional for business blog writing and management, so that it is always done on time. The second solution is to make blog plan and prepare the blog content in advance, so that you always have some stuff on hand to publish and have enough time to prepare for the upcoming posts.

5 – Publishing Frequency

There’s no one perfect answer for this question. The “sweet spot” for the frequency question depends on your business, the industry, the level of competition, the kind of results you’re aiming for, and others.

More is almost always better, but there are scenarios where blogs with a lower amount of posts have been able to produce better results because of the quality of the content.

Get in touch with us and we’ll let you know what our professional opinion is for your business.

6 – Catchy Post Title

It’s absolutely imperative that titles are appealing enough to get the visitor to click and read your post.

Keep one thing in mind that your blog post title should not be a clickbait. It should go with the content or else you will start losing your readers, or rather customers. Take creating posts title as a serious business to generate serious business.

7 – Valuable Content

If something is of no value, why would you spend your time on it, even if you have enough spare time? If you do so, your business blog visitors react the same way. I am sure you have got the point, so it is valueless to add more words in this paragraph.

8 – Make It Visual

You will definitively have text in your post, but only text is not appealing enough so utilize the power of visual content. If your blog post is about your product, add images of every part. It is about a procedure, make a video as well, but add transcript or text too.

9 – Respond

Interaction is the key to success of your business blog. As soon as your customer or visitor leaves a comment, respond to it quickly. Your reply could just be a simple ‘Thanks’, but the comment does not require a detailed answer.

10 – Involve Your Team

Since you have a business, you have a team, so why not involve your team in the blog? This practice will give your blog a more practical approach and ideas as well, making it an improved version.


business blogging

11 – Look at Your Customers for Inspiration

As you grow interaction with your customers, you will get a great deal of inspiration to further improve your blog quality as well as product/service.

Learn from your blog to identify great topics for future posts.

12 – Easy Visibility to Subscription

The best thing that could happen to your blog is that customers and visitors LOVE your content and want to come back to read more from you. The best way to take advantage of this opportunity is to offer a blog subscription so they know when content is posted.

Make sure you place it at the most visible spot to get a higher subscription rate.

13 – Page Load Optimization

Page load time is a critical matter and can’t be handled carelessly. Be warned that AMP update is here and real and a site lacking in this factor will have to face the music. Instead of facing the music, why not enjoy the music with optimized page load time!

14 – Social Sharing Options

It is obvious that no one would like to let the business blog stay in the dark. So how would you get your blog in the broad day sunlight? The simplest and quickest solution is the integration of social media sharing buttons. The more strategically it is placed, the higher the chances of post sharing.

15 – Unambiguous Call-to-Action

Every post published on your blog must have an objective to achieve, clearly stated in a call-to-action. It does not always have to be a pitch to sell something, it could be about sharing the post on social media, leaving a comment, or giving a like.

If your call-to-action is about making a sale, you are supposed to create relevant content to your targeted audience looking for the service or product they are in search of. As you can see in case of this article, the topic is about how to blog for your business and the content offers many reasons and helpful tips to make the process of business blogging easy and successful. Now a pitch to sell business blog writing and management service will be the most relevant selling proposition, if not unique, and here I’m going to make it.

Now you cannot deny the significance of creating and managing a successful business blog, but it would demand a great deal of your time, which you could potentially spend on growing your business instead of writing, thinking, and researching for new ideas.

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