Did you know that there are 1.17 billion websites in the world? Although this number seems quite overwhelming, in reality, there are only about a dozen categories of websites. A single website can belong to one or multiple categories. For example, a corporate website may also have a blog or a personal website may be a parallax scrolling website as well.

As a business, you need to study the kind of websites that your competition is using and create the right type of online presence for your customers and brand.

So let’s take a look at some of the major website templates that businesses most often use.

Personal/ Brochure Websites

Much like a business card, personal or brochure websites are simple sites that consist of only a few pages. These pages may be an introductory home page, an “About Us” page, a gallery and portfolio page, and a contact us page. This kind of website is appropriate for freelancers, self-employed businessmen, and small enterprises and start-ups.

An example of a brochure website is The Neat Space, an home organizing website which has less than a dozen pages. The website consists of limited text and is more focused on large-sized images that showcase the works of the company.

The Neat Space

The main purpose of these websites is to promote your services online and to provide the visitor with contact information. Hence, they are visually appealing sites that use effective words and captivating images to showcase your offerings. A great thing about personal websites is that they are easy to make and are one of the most inexpensive sites.

Single-Page Parallax Websites

A one-page website is typically a microsite that focuses on providing maximum information to users on a single page. These sites typically have a parallax scrolling feature that allows users to scroll down the site and access information on all related subject matter without having to use navigation.

The Boat

Interestingly, scrolling sites have been found to be more engaging to online users. Just take a look at this website titled “The Boat.” This is one of the most beautiful examples of visual storytelling that uses parallax. The entire website consists of six chapters that can be scrolled down and are filled with illustrations and audio that provides a truly immersive experience to the visitor.

As a business owner, you need to make the most of your parallax design website by adding eye-catch animation and interactive features that can entertain the visitor in a meaningful way and take them on a journey online.

News & Magazine Websites

In the last few decades, the news and magazine industry has transitioned from a print-only domain to largely digital formats. Nowadays, more and more people are reading news online and subscribing to online magazines rather than print newspapers and publications.

If you are in the business of reporting news, your website should be built on a basic framework. Users should see the same layout whenever they land on your homepage, and each news article needs to have the same design and navigation style.

This is so because a news or magazine website is a tool for mass education and information and a structured, organized, and predictable layout will help readers quickly find out the type of information they are looking for.

The best online newspapers and magazines have a responsive and thumb-friendly design so that the article can be read easily on screens of all sizes. An excellent example of a magazine website design is the headline of an article written in hero image and a box below it that describes in a couple of lines what the article is about. Many magazine sites also add a featured image with the headline and summary.

The Verge

E-commerce Website

Ecommerce websites have grown from what they were just a couple of decades ago. For businesses, it was once very complex and expensive to set up an online store and operate it. Now, however, thanks to advancements in technology and the advent of platforms like Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, an e-commerce site can be set up in as little time as 24 hours.


Ecommerce sites can be very profitable, however, they are not always easy to set up and create. We strongly recommend you hire an ecommerce website designer if you want one for your business. The best ecommerce website design service will offer you website hosting, compelling content, and a unique design to set your ecommerce website apart from others in the industry. Depending on your preference, an ecommerce website design service will allow you to choose the platform you want to build your site on, be it WordPress or Shopify or any other platform, and offer you ongoing website maintenance.

With an ecommerce website, you not just launch your online store, but can also customize the design of your website, manage inventory, accept orders and ship them, receive payments from the customer and so on. The hallmark of an effective ecommerce website is that once it has been created, it becomes very easy to add your products and services and manage your online operations through a simple and intuitive dashboard.

E-commerce websites consist of robust product listings and pages that make it easy to browse products, search by categories, highlight sales and discount deals, make purchases, and take payments. For entrepreneurs, these websites offer easy ways to list new products and update their inventory. Since it is a highly integrated and interconnected system, logistics, marketing, and sales teams all stay in the loop on the site’s performance.

Depending on the type of business you run, e-commerce websites offer a wide range of categories that offer templates and themes suitable for all types of businesses.

An ecommerce website can also be an excellent option if you want to capture a wider base of audience than what your brick-and-mortar store can and benefit from the additional cash flow. The best ecommerce website offers personalized experience to its customers. After all, 49% of customers impulse buy once they receive a personalized recommendation from an online store.

Blog or Content-based Websites

Whether you are considering publishing one blog post per week or creating hundreds of articles per month, blogs or content-based websites are designed to add content into pre-made templates. Using templates makes it easy to add and edit content and change the look and functions of thousands of blog posts at once.

The Parents Blog

A blog website is one of the most important marketing tools since it can help increase a business’s online visibility.  The beauty of a blog is that it drives long-term results by offering value-adding information to visitors that they have been actively looking for, establishing your business as an industry leader, and improving the credibility of your business.

A blog can be very effective in driving relevant traffic to your business and generating leads that can result in a high number of conversions and hence more profit for your business.

However, a blog is only effective if it is updated consistently on a frequent schedule. Many businesses do not have the resources to exclusively handle a blog so they should consider hiring a website design service that can help them create and update a blog that adds value for your visitors.

Portfolio Websites

A portfolio website is designed for creative artists to showcase their work. This type of website is a suitable choice for photographers, painters, artists, designers, and artisans.

Take a look at photographer Tara Pixley’s portfolio website that showcases her portrait, dance, and reportage work.

Tara Pixley

A portfolio website does not necessarily have to showcase every single one of your projects. Instead, it focuses on creating categories and features the best work of the artist. Since you have the option of being more creative with these websites, you can try unique styles and add engaging elements that will grab the attention of your users.

Many portfolio websites also contain lead capture forms as well as social media integrations that allow them to connect with their followers on social networking platforms.

Corporate Websites

Corporate websites are the largest and most versatile types of websites. Since there are several different types of businesses, the format and design of your website will vary accordingly. However, corporate websites have some features in common that are not found in personal or portfolio websites.

Corporate Website of Wells Fargo

These include CRM integrations, analytics, live chat options, customer reviews, booking software, integration to external databases, and more. Since these websites are often a bit complex, their price can vary accordingly.

In some cases, businesses may not opt to sell their services directly through their website, but they can still use it to provide information about their offerings and how customers can contact them.

Web Apps

A web app is a type of business software that, unlike a mobile app, does not need to be downloaded. Instead, it can be used on a browser.

Just like a corporate website, a web app consists of a few pages that offer information about its applications, target audience, and pricing. However, unlike traditional brochure websites, these web apps allow customers to register and start using their products immediately.

Web apps are very convenient solutions for IT companies, SaaS companies, and teams that work remotely.


Crowdfunding websites are created for the purpose of funding a venture by taking donations and contributions from a large group of people. Often, these types of websites are preferred options for newly launched start-ups seeking capital.

Previously, the only way to fund a business project was to seek large investments from a small group of people like venture capitalists. Thanks to crowdfunding, however, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs can now pitch their offering, set a target amount and deadline, and wait for people to pledge an amount to the cause.

A good example of crowdfunding website is Rocket Fuel that was created by Resound Media to help struggling music artists take off their careers with the help of donation-based deals.

Crowdfunding Website

Through crowdfunding websites, businesses can also offer several incentives for specific donors like a VIP experience, gifts, and discounted products.


Forums remain one of the best ways to interact with like-minded people online. These sites are created to build an online community of individuals who want to discuss or ask questions on particular subject matters. Many businesses also create internal forums that can help employees enjoy both company-related and non-company-related discussions with each other

Black Business Matter Forum

Forums consist of functionalities like categories, user sign in, thread posting, mentions, publishing, and voting (or liking). Creating a forum is not very complex or expensive, and these sites can be integrated with just about all sorts of websites as well.

How to Choose the Perfect Website

A good website design does not just create an esthetic appeal, but it also drives visitor engagement and is designed based on the needs of your business’s target audience.

Keep an eye out for the latest trends in website designs and do some sound research to find out the best format for your business, cause, or organization. This will reduce ambiguity, allow you to promote a clear message, lead to better brand awareness, and ultimately a higher number of leads.

If you do not have a design team, it is a good idea to get the help of a reputable and professional website design company to create your website design.

Content Development Pros is a leading digital marketing company that can help businesses, non-profits, and other organizations elevate their online presence with the help of effective website design. We can help your business get maximum exposure by creating a unique, engaging, and responsive website design.

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