How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

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To drive traffic to your website, you’ll need to learn how to write SEO friendly articles. Improving your online visibility is an easy task as long as you’re hitting two key elements with your articles.

First, you need to create quality content that increases conversions and engagement with your viewers.

Secondly, the content needs to be available to the targeted audience.

Most of your organic traffic will come through search engines, which is why you need the best quality SEO articles to ensure high search visibility.

If you want to see improvement in traffic and conversions, you need to learn how to write SEO optimized articles.

Here is a simple guide that’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What Are SEO Friendly Articles

If you’re a beginner, you’re probably wondering what we mean when we use the term “SEO friendly articles.” SEO article writers create content in a way that encourages the search engines to rank those article higher.

The main aim of your blogs or articles is to help search engines connect to, understand, and find your content. Some marketers or writers mistakenly think that this means you need to stuff your content with the appropriate keywords. However, it’s more than just spraying your content with a dose of keywords everywhere. Today’s readership is smart, and they will notice if you just pepper your content with keywords; it will only serve to turn the reader away from your content.

Are SEO Articles Important?

Yes, a search engine won’t be able to identify what topics your articles are on if you don’t optimize them.

You should definitely focus on making sure your content has valuable information and is well-written. However, none of that will matter if it sits unnoticed in an unseen corner of the internet.

Concentrating on quality, as well as a high SEO ranking, will make sure that you increase your traffic. It will pull your content out of the corner and put it on center stage, to be noticed and engaged with.

The Art of Writing SEO Friendly Articles

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When was the last time you actually went to the third or fourth page of Google to find what you were looking for? Exactly! We rarely ever care enough to go down the rabbit hole of the search engines. Either we find what we’re looking for on the first page, or we change our search input.

SEO optimization

This is a common trait of all readers, which is why you need to work harder to make sure that your content ranks somewhere on that first page (but preferably in the first 5 spots). If you don’t have SEO friendly articles, you can forget about anyone finding your content on the first page of any search engine.

Here are some basic pointers that article writers should note down.

1. Titles and Subheadings Matter

Your titles and subheadings have a direct impact on your SEO. Remember, your readers prefer to skim through the content rather than read it word for word.  Headlines will make your content skimmable, which makes it easier for viewers to read it. If it seems easy to them, they are also more likely to share the content.

Idea about headings

Search engine bots behave the same way. When they crawl through your website to analyze your content, they will recognize the headlines. This will help them understand your content better, and they will rank it accordingly. You can also use the headlines to saturate the keywords accordingly.

You should be careful of the headings you use since they impact the structure of the article. In an article, the headings are probably the part that readers are going to focus on the most as they skim through.

Here is an example of a good heading. Notice how catchy and attractive it is? That’s how you should make your own headings.

Good headings for articles

Bad headings for articles

No matter what type of content you’re using, headlines and sub-headings will help you optimize your content.

A great way to rank higher is to insert backlinks into your articles. SEO friendly articles will always include lots of backlinks –internal and external. Both external and internal links come with their own set of benefits.

Internal backlinks to your old content can drive more traffic to your older posts. It will also increase the overall engagement of your website and make sure that the reader stays on your site for longer. You must never forget to link old posts to your newer content. Internal links are also crucial for call-to-actions. This is a nice example of a call to action that uses internal backlinks.

Using internal links

You can use internal links in call-to-actions by asking the viewer to contact you or prompting them to learn more about a topic by clicking on the link you’ve provided.

It will help both people and search engine bots find your best articles easily. When search engine robots are crawling your website, internal links can help them navigate through your site. This can improve your search engine rankings since the bots will add your web pages to the search engine’s web pages.

For external backlinks, you have to focus on the quality and quantity of the links. These links will also increase the validity of your website since high-quality, reputable websites always have great links. The better the links you use, the more likely it is that your website will begin to rank higher. As a result, your level of trust goes up!

check for quality


3. Optimize Article Length

Older algorithms of Google and other search engines preferred shorter content of somewhere in the range of several hundred words. As a result, content started to become a numbers game, where the more you were able to post, the more traffic you got.

New algorithms are designed to give priority to higher-quality, longer articles. This is why most SEO optimized websites these days post less frequently and have articles that are longer than 1500 words. Search engines are geared to make sure that viewers receive the best possible answer to their questions. This means that they will look for the most thorough article to make sure that the viewer’s query is answered properly.

Online tools can help you create content

The best thing to do is to use different tools to get more out of your articles. Analytical software can give you an idea of what the best length for your article is. Keep an eye on the posts that generate the highest amount of traffic for you.

You can test different article lengths and find which ones generate conversions and viewership for you. You should also look out for the articles that people tend to take longer to read, as well as the articles that people read most often. This information will help you find the right approach for your website and niche.

4. Keyword Research is Key

Some people may prefer to open their laptops and just start writing; they leave all the SEO work till the end. This can be a mistake considering your article will never be tailored around your preferred keywords this way.

Keyword research is more important than you may think. You may come up with some keywords off the top of your head, but a lot of professional marketers prefer keyword planning tools.

ProTip1 article

Keyword Research for SEO optimized articles

There are other advanced SEO tools like Serpstat or Ahrefs that you can use as well. These are used by most professional marketers to optimize their content. Your keyword research will also give you some ideas that you can create high-quality, SEO friendly articles on.

Most professional article writing services use keywords in the title, Meta descriptions, headlines, main copy, and ALT tags.

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5. Image Optimization is Crucial

It can be a grievous mistake to overlook the images in your article. Pictures make your content shareable and interesting to read. We all know how articles that go on and on without visual cues can be a snooze fest.

Article writers need to optimize the images in the content by adding keywords to them. You can add keywords to the ALT tags and image files, which can make your articles SEO friendly.

Optimizing the image also means that you need to optimize the size of the image. Images that are too big can hurt SEO by slowing down the load time of your content. However, this doesn’t mean that you compromise on quality or visibility.

High-Quality Images to your Content

There are some image editors that you can use to enhance your articles. Plenty of simple tools are available online that will help you reduce the size of the image so that it loads faster without harming the quality of the photos. Tools like JPEG Mini can help you do this, as seen in the example below.

SEO optimized images

You also need to make sure that the pictures you’re picking for your website are free to use. Website owners should avoid copyrighted images since that can land them in legal trouble. Search engines may even begin to flag your website for copyright issues.

6. Write High-Quality Content

You may think that this is self-evident, but many article writers don’t think this way. The best way to increase viewership and engagement is to write content that is entertaining and useful. Search engine algorithms are designed to reward websites that have relevant, high-quality content.

While concentrating on SEO friendly articles is import, you also need to give quality some consideration. To write the best content, it’s important to brush up on your article writing skills before you start to create content for your website.

7. Include Share Options

If you create high-quality, engaging content, people will definitely want to share it. You need to make sure you have plenty of options that allow your readers to share your content easily. Here is a great example of clear and accessible share options. As you scroll down the content, the share options on the left move with you.

Good example of shareable articles

There are some tools that you can use to add clear social media buttons to your website.  This is a great, organic way to increase traffic and engagement on your website.

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