The internet is a rapidly growing web of users, bloggers and readers, and with this vast amount of audience it is only a matter of time that you see the same content posted again and again. However, nothing can be more annoying than plagiarism. Whether you are an initiator or a victim of plagiarism on the internet, both cases can result in a major dent in you sales and marketing, the traffic on your website and of course the reputation of your brand.

Posting unique, fresh and original content is the call of the day, and the following tips can help you a great deal in ensuring that whatever you post on the web stays yours and defines you and you only!

Maintain Originality

Whether you are marketing a product or posting your own experiences, stay original and stay YOU. Do not try to copy somebody else’s tone or style as this will immediately backfire at you. Creating our own unique niche is the first and basic step of branding and marketing.

Quote Citation and References

If you are taking help from a resource to construct your article or website content, acknowledge the original owner by providing a citation or reference. You can ask for the author’s permission as well in this regard to bring more authenticity to your work as a content writer.

Use Checking Tools

There are many online tools available nowadays that can help you detect which website is using your content so you can find out the source of plagiarism as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to run your own content through these tests as well because it often happens that you may use a similar theme or sentence by mistake or coincidence when writing on a common topic.

Use Linking

Blogs are some of the most duplicated content on the internet but with a little tact you can turn the situation around in your favor! While maintaining a personal blog give references to any previous posts that you may have written and include links to your related posts or services. Keeping the flow of the text intact, this clever technique will make it hectic for the plagiarists to edit the document and if posted as it is by another content writer, the search filters will also detect the posts linking back to your article, giving you an instant edge!

Get Personal and Unique

Developing a unique voice or tone that becomes synonymous with your brand or personality is the main thing that you need to keep in mind when posting something on the web. If something sounds like you and depicts your forte, plagiarists will have a hard time trying to make it their own!

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