Search Engine Optimization [SEO] aims to increase the percentage of visitors a website receives every month, while      on the other hand, Conversion Rate Optimization [CRO] focuses on improving the percentage of visitors who take the desired action on a specific web page or landing page. Although they are two distinct marketing tactics, they can be combined for optimal long-term results.

For example, when combined, SEO and CRO will not only help your website rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages [SERPs], increase visibility, and boost page visits, but will also offer you the most number of desired actions from page visitors. These actions or website conversions are not limited to purchases; they can also include the amount of time spent on a web page, the number of forms filled on a website page, or even signing up for the company’s newsletter.

Content Development Pros has been working with clients from various industries to help them grow to their fullest potential through Search Engine Optimization. Our expert SEO services almost always include the integration of SEO for CROs. This is because although ranking higher on SERPs and garnering more traffic is great, it shouldn’t be the sole purpose of a piece of content on a website. We’re here to share with you 10 of the easiest ways to boost your CRO while utilizing SEO strategies because that would mean your results are 100% meaningful.

Let’s take a look at the ten tactics that can head-start your SEO and CRO strategies for long-term success and growth:

3 Ways to Boost CRO with Search Engine Optimization

The following are some of the ways to integrate search engine optimization tactics that will lead to higher conversion rate optimization for your website, no matter what your bottom line is:

1. Page Experience

● Improve the Pages’ Load Time

Load times and bounce rates go hand-in-hand and can make or break user experience [UX] by a significant margin. User Experience is crucial when it comes to website conversions, and it can significantly affect how well a web page does in achieving the bottom line.

According to Google, if your load speed is between 1 and 3 seconds, your bounce rate will be around 32%. However, for load times of 1 to 5 seconds and 1 to 6 seconds, the bounce rates are staggeringly      high (at 90% and 106%, respectively). For pages that take between 1 and 10 seconds to load, the probability of bounce goes up to 123%.

Needless to say, load times play a crucial role in UX and consequently affect conversion rates. By constantly checking how much your website takes to load both on mobile devices and laptops, you can increase your conversion rate by a significant margin.

Google Analytics Report

● Boost User Experience with Neurodesign Integration

Neurodesign has been taking the lead in terms of designs that help retain audiences and entice them to take the desired action on a web page. Simply put, neurodesign highlights what resonates with the viewers the most and is aligned with their perspectives of good design and content.

It is the simplest of designs that are known to represent joy and drive action the most from a psychological point of view. Thus, companies are now resorting to integrating simplistic or minimalistic designs in order to support their search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization the most.

● Keep Track of the Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is another element that helps companies and website owners track user experience through the page’s visual stability, responsiveness or interactivity, and loading speeds. Introduced by Google recently, these are essential elements to determine which page is worthy of the first page on a SERP and would serve the customers well and consequently lead to more website conversions.

2. Content Optimization

● Include Dynamic Content That Changes with User Signals

Dynamic content aims to customize UX and tailor it according to each customer’s specific needs and thus maximizes revenue. It factors in vital elements, such as user data and in-session behavior, to offer them unique information each time they visit a website.

With the help of such dynamic content, you will be able to excel in terms of search intent every time a viewer visits a web page on your site. It will ensure you’re in your customer’s good books by integrating everything a customer might want to see on a web page, from geo-centric recommendations to dynamic product listings.

● Integrate Long-Tail Keywords into Your Content

Long-tail keywords are no joke; most online viewers, or 95.88% to be precise, use a search engine for their queries and enter four or more words to receive the information they’re looking for online. These users often also have a more serious purchase or conversion intent. Therefore, it’s essential to integrate long-tail keywords into a webpage and offer informational and high-quality content through it.

It’s also pertinent to note that users entering a long-tail keyword into the search engine are more likely at the end of the purchase funnel, making website conversions a piece of cake for those who utilize them. It will also likely give your website a competitive edge in the online realm.

Google How to

● Write for Your Audience More Than for SEO

If a web page has high volume and relevant keywords but doesn’t offer content that is useful and compelling, then even Google will not consider ranking your page higher on the SERPs. With copies that are SEO-friendly but also offer substance in terms of value and digestibility, you can increase your chances of creating a high number of organic promotions through backlinks and shares on social media platforms. As a result, your web page will have higher domain authority and lead to higher conversions through targeted content for specific audience types.

Evaluate search intent, offer valuable and engaging content, integrate an attractive design, and integrate relevant keywords, and your chances of appearing higher on a SERP will increase, thus increasing your chance of collecting higher conversions.

If you want to know the top SEO trends for 2022, you can find detailed information on this topic here.

● Take User Intent and Funnel Stages into Consideration

Depending on which stage of the purchase funnel your targeted audience is at, the information that you should be providing them differs. For example, for those users who are still gathering information about a particular product or service, how-to blogs and articles would make more sense. On the other hand, web pages with purchase details or specific CTAs are intended for viewers who are in the transaction stage, which is the last one in the purchase funnel.

Understanding user intent and matching it with the correct stage of the funnel can make a world of difference in terms of CRO, making it an essential factor when planning and creating a web page’s content and design.

Funnel Stages

3. Dwell Time

● Increase Visit Durations with Visual Elements and Videos

Google seems interested in finding out a webpage’s dwell time, or the time it takes on average for a user to return on a SERP after clicking on a specific web page to fulfill their search intent. While Google’s algorithm for higher SERP rankings remains a mystery, there is evidence that this element of a web page is taken into consideration.

Furthermore, research, such as that done by Wistia, found that pages that did not contain video content had views of three minutes or less per user in comparison to pages with videos that were garnering views of eight minutes or more per session. Incorporating video content into the web page will enhance UX and convince users to stay longer on the web page and, as a result, increase your chances of gaining successful conversions.

● Realign or Improve Search Engine Optimization Tactics Consistently

In addition to visual elements, monitoring your website, taking user feedback into consideration, and ultimately realigning or improving SEO tactics based on the changing customer needs will have a drastic impact on your CRO. With content that grabs the readers’ attention and keeps it for a long time, you can increase your chances of conversions significantly.

You can hire professional SEO experts at Content Development Pros to make things relatively easier and avoid diverting your attention from the more pressing operational matters crucial in keeping things running behind the scenes. Our SEO services include a holistic approach which also entails the overall evaluation of the existing SEO strategies already in place.

● Your CTAs Should Be Powerful, Noticeable, and Attractive

CTAs also play a crucial role in both SEO and CRO. Without a CTA, your users will be left with a plethora of information and no idea of what to do next. With a powerful CTA that incorporates an attractive and eye-catching design and even higher quality, well-written copy, you can increase your chances of receiving higher conversions through a particular web page.

Placements, clarity, and conciseness are also crucial when it comes to CTAs and conversions. There are several guidelines for marketers to make their CTA stand out and lead to higher conversions in a language that resonates the most with their users. Following such guidelines can help the case for both SEO and CRO.                                                                                          

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the first step to increasing your conversion rate optimization strategies with search engine optimization is to enhance user experience through load times, attractive designs, and Core Web Vitals assessment. Once your website showcases compelling user-friendliness, you can move on to more strategic implementations of dynamic content, long-tail keywords, and high authority, intent-based pieces. Lastly, when your website is receiving enough traffic, it’s time for you to increase your audience’s visit duration and conversion rates with visual elements, feedback evaluation, and strategic placement of attractive and convincing CTAs.

We hope our tips have helped you kick start your journey to enhancing search engine optimization strategies and simultaneously boosting your conversion rate optimization strategies. If you want to learn more about SEO tactics for increased CRO, hire professional SEO experts at Content Development Pros for customized and budget-friendly SEO services now. Our team will evaluate your current SEO strategies, offer expert opinions, and help you integrate changes that will help you reach your bottom line faster. Give us a call at (877) 897-1725 now!

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