Leads are super important. Every growing business competes to gain customer attention, wants to build credibility, and improve conversion rates – but all of those metrics mean for nothing if you don’t have a funnel created for leads.

There are many ways to generate leads, however, using a giveaway eBook or guide is considered one of the best techniques by the pros.

You don’t have to be an eBook writer to be able to pull a successful eBook campaign off, you’ve just got to be able to identify the need and execute successfully on the final product you get from the eBook ghostwriting service you hire.

Check out these examples to learn more.

Case # 1 – GiveGoodUX

Joe Natoli is a master of all things design. His knowledge in the space, achievements, and reputation are all extremely commendable.

Joe has 26 years of enterprise experience and he uses giveaway eBooks to generate leads.

Look at how he’s used eBook writing to get leads on his home page.

You don’t have to visit their website to learn that these guys can be hired for consultation, training, to speak at an event, and you can even buy products that they’ve come out with, but all of that is secondary.

The first thing Joe and his team want you to do is sign up for this FREE e-book.


Cause this eBook is a conversion monster for Joe and his team.

They reel you in and get your contact information by recommending you download their eBook. We’ve written similar guides and you can get one for you business by hiring our eBook services.

Guess what they do in their book? Then pitch throughout the free giveaway.

Plus they’ve got your email. It might not happen within the hour, but you can bet your butt that you’re going to get marketing emails from them sooner than later.

Case # 2 – TheHerbalAcademy

This one is for you if you think only “tech savvy” businessmen hire eBook writers to create such lead magnets.

At the Herbal Academy you can learn by signing up for courses and workshops. You can buy starter kits and advanced products. You can also sign up for a free eBook.

The Herbal Academy realized that people that visited their website didn’t know a lot about how important herbs are. They were able to bring in traffic, but visitors felt intimated by the complexity of the information.

To encourage learning and reinforce their school of thought they had an eBook written and published.  The catch? You’ve got to become a lead because you’re sure as hell not getting the eBook without giving them your email address.

Case # 3 – RadicalHappiness

Gina Lake from Radical Happiness has authored over 20 books. Her books are available for sale in hard cover, paperback, and audio… but despite all her success – she gives away an eBook for free.

Even popular writers give away free eBooks!

A large majority of small businesses see giving away valuable information as counter-productive. That’s far from the case. In reality, what happens when you give away an eBook is that you establish expertise which ultimately improves your business because you’re able to sell more.

Still can’t wrap your head around the fact that this author is giving away a book for free?

You ever eat a free sample at a Sam’s Club, Target, or Walmart?

This concept really isn’t all that different. Giving potential customers a little taste increases chances of conversion significantly. While it may seem counter-productive when you first look at it, it is beneficial in the long-run.

Case # 4 – You’re Up

We’d like to show you how it’s done. Getting an eBook written or hiring our eBook proofreading services is super easy.

Fill out a quick form, start a live chat, or call us. We’ll find out a little bit about you, your business, and your marketing objectives. Then we’ll tell you more about our affordable eBook writing services. We’d love to work with you and write a great lead generating eBook for you. Hope to hear from you soon!