We all know that having a LinkedIn profile is important these days… but did you know that more than 90% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn to search for potential candidates?

What this means is that just having a LinkedIn profile is not enough.

In the presence of hundreds of thousands of users, you have to have a very strong LinkedIn profile to catch a recruiter’s attention. This is exactly why those users that want the most out of the platform, hire a reputable and acclaimed LinkedIn profile writing service.

Since a LinkedIn profile is basically a summary of your professional achievements, it should tell viewers about you, your work, and your expertise an effective manner. You also need to keep your profile updated.

While all of these things may seem obvious (what’s the purpose of having a LinkedIn profile after all, if it is not representing you well?), there are a lot of people who still do not use LinkedIn effectively.

You need to improve your presence on LinkedIn.

But, why is it important to have a strong and updated LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn has become the land of opportunity for professional growth!

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not just a networking website – it has grown to become a comprehensive personal branding resource. In today’s highly competitive world, professional growth requires both networking and promoting yourself as a brand.

The better you sell yourself, the more opportunities you will get for professional development.

Having a strong LinkedIn presence is the first step for personal branding. And how do you build a strong LinkedIn profile? The fact is you can do it yourself, but expert intervention promises better results.

If you understand the importance of LinkedIn, you’ll agree that hiring professional LinkedIn profile writers is the right call.

Recruiters look up your LinkedIn profile

The importance of having a strong and updated LinkedIn profile is undeniable, especially if you’re hunting for opportunities of employment.

Gone are the times when employers had to ask potential candidates to submit their resumes or had to call them for an interview for a first impression. Today, your first impression is being made on recruiters on LinkedIn.

Since LinkedIn has become the place for employers to search for potential candidates, they’ve gotten savvier with the platform. Just by taking a look at someone’s LinkedIn profile, recruiters are able to figure out if the person has what they are looking for. This practice helps them shortlist candidates much more quickly than traditional practices.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, but it is not impressive enough then you should consult LinkedIn profile makeover services like ours. A good LinkedIn profile makeover service will review and revise your LinkedIn profile to make sure it stands out from the crowd.

Establish credibility with your LinkedIn

When you are active on LinkedIn – regularly updating your profile, writing articles or blogs, making powerful connections – you are not only increasing your visibility, but also establishing your credibility.

All these elements work like endorsements for your professional experience, expertise, skills, and capabilities.

A great LinkedIn is essential for certain positions

Employers, hiring agencies, and other experts of the field, all agree that there are certain positions for which having a strong and active LinkedIn profile is crucial. In fact, not having one is certainly a deal breaker.

The Division Director of Beacon Hill Associates, a staffing agency, Laura Lashbrook Colby told Forbes that LinkedIn is an essential part of their work. She said,

“For permanent searches, we find candidates through referrals (often a direct result of LinkedIn connections), advertising responses (resumes sent to us directly through our website or an online posting) and LinkedIn (our recruiters call passive job seekers to discuss a specific role that could be a match based on experience).”

“If we are staffing for a recruiting or sales/marketing/business development role, then it is a big red flag if a candidate has either no LinkedIn profile or a limited profile with a low number of connections.”

How do you build a strong LinkedIn profile?

Building and developing an impactful LinkedIn profile takes much more than just listing the details of your professional life. Here are some guidelines to help you build a strong LinkedIn profile:

It should showcase your experience and expertise

In addition to highlighting your professional achievements, a LinkedIn profile should also reflect your personality and tell readers about your passions, values, and ethics. To make your presence even stronger, showcase your expertise in your field by writing and publishing articles!

Check out the number of followers!

Being active on the publishing platform of LinkedIn greatly increases your chances of getting noticed. When you write about the ongoing trends in your field or take out time to share your thoughts about a recent development, it shows your involvement and commitment to your work.

In short, writing articles on LinkedIn is a great way to make your presence noticed among hundreds of thousands of people. Check out our LinkedIn article writing service if you need help with articles.

Use the Professional Portfolio feature

LinkedIn profiles that include just text are boring. It is also extremely hard to stand out with a text-only profile. Even with your exceptionally wonderful achievements or work history, your chances to get noticed are lower than a profile that efficiently uses the multimedia feature to emphasize achievements and skills.

This author uses LinkedIn to showcase her content

The Professional Portfolio feature on LinkedIn allows users to share images, videos, presentations, links and much more. You just need to know how to use this feature to your advantage.

Confused what multimedia files will add value to your LinkedIn profile?

Get professional help!

Professional resume and LinkedIn writers know how to use the professional portfolio feature without going overboard.

Connect with people

LinkedIn is a networking website. It allows you to stay in touch with people you already know and meet new people from your industry. Send connection requests to add old friends, colleagues, or people you just meet at a social event to build your network.

Additionally, you can join various groups to meet and talk to like-minded people or people who are working in the same industry. Groups that you join on LinkedIn are visible on your profile and tell a lot about you. So, be wise and choose groups that add value to your profile.

LinkedIn groups are great to get or provide professional help. By contributing to these groups, you can develop new connections that may later help you get recommendations as well.

Get a custom URL

Having a custom LinkedIn URL makes it easier for people to connect with you. Mention your custom URL in your emails, on business cards, and on website (if you have one).

It takes a few seconds to set this step up. Make sure you get your custom URL because it filters power users from those that don’t know what they’re doing.

Post updates

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into creating an impressive LinkedIn profile. All of it will go to waste if you do not understand why it is important to have a strong and updated LinkedIn profile and do the needful.

You need to make sure you post an article, share content that you really enjoyed, and tell the world about your professional achievements regularly.

Need content to share? Hire a reputable CV and LinkedIn profile writing service!

Why You Should Hire A Professional LinkedIn Writing Service?

Ever wondered why recruiters do not approach you on LinkedIn, but your colleagues are getting job offers regularly?

It is highly likely that this is happening because your LinkedIn profile is poorly structured or there is nothing noticeable in it.

Keeping in view the fact that millions of people realize a LinkedIn profile’s importance and are present on LinkedIn, including thousands from your industry, one needs to build a really solid profile to get noticed by recruiters. This is exactly what professional resume and LinkedIn writers help you achieve.

Not sure what difference a professional LinkedIn profile writing service can make to your LinkedIn profile?

Here are some of the ways we can help you get noticed on LinkedIn with our LinkedIn profile writing service.

By optimizing your profile with the right keywords

The chances of you getting noticed by employers highly depends on the ranking of your profile in search results. Employers search for potential candidates by using keywords.

This is one of the major reasons to hire an acclaimed LinkedIn writing service.

Before we start writing your LinkedIn profile, we understand your position and research the industry.

For example, if we’re writing a LinkedIn profile for a software developer then we’ll make sure we include all the languages (C#, JAVA, etc.) the client is proficient or even familiar with in the profile.

Our basic goal is to get you to the top of search results for the types of positions you’re interested in.

By ensuring that your profile includes everything that is needed

Before our professional LinkedIn profile writers get to work on your profile, they’ll ask you for your resume and they may ask you to answer a questionnaire for them so they can better understand you.

In some cases, our writers even schedule telephonic interviews before they start writing.

All of this (what seems like obnoxious work) is done because we want to ensure that you get the best value out of your LinkedIn.

There’s a reason why people mention what sorority or fraternity they were in on their resume – your LinkedIn should also give you an edge by including such information.

By using the right language

The words that you use to describe yourself, your qualifications, skills, and achievements play a huge role in strengthening or weakening your profile. Knowing this, professional LinkedIn writers use the words that make you and your achievements shine.

They also make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors on your profile.

No matter how talented you are and how big your achievements are, if there are grammatical and spelling mistakes on your LinkedIn profile, your chances of landing a job are practically ZERO – nothing puts off a recruiter more than noticing such basic mistakes on a profile.

Get the job of your dreams through LinkedIn

There is a lot more that a professional LinkedIn writing service offers to you.

To sum it all up, professional LinkedIn profile writers understand how important your profile is to you. These experts know what it takes to make a LinkedIn profile strong and they make sure that it has all of the good stuff to get noticed. They ensure that each section on your profile – from the photograph and headline to the summary, recommendations and list of experiences and skills – adds value to it and helps you to stand out from hundreds of competitors.

Make the most of this amazing platform by boasting a LinkedIn profile that employers find attractive. You’ll love having a profile that makes other people want to know more about you. Hire our professional resume and LinkedIn writing services to get best LinkedIn profile possible.

Already have a LinkedIn profile? Maybe you need a LinkedIn makeover service. Start a chat or fill out an order form.