best time to post a blog

The trouble with websites and blogs is that you can’t just build them and leave them alone! A blog that’s just sitting there is simply ignored by Google in the cutthroat game of rankings.

Updating regularly is undeniably the most important thing you can do for the better performance of your website’s SEO. The majority of questions everybody is asking online regarding the updates are as follows;

  • What is the best time to post a blog?
  • How often should you blog for business?
  • What are the best days to blog?
  • How many blog posts per day should be done?
  • How many blog posts to get traffic are ideal?
  • How often should you blog for SEO performance?
  • How many blog posts to make money are ideal?
  • What is the ideal blog post frequency?

Though, it is just how often you should be posting, here’s what we suggest in general to deal with this concern;

  • Start by updating at least once a week.
  • Let your readers know how often you plan to update, since this practice will help you stick to a schedule and soon it will be a regular habit just like calling your mom every Sunday!
  • It’s perfectly okay if you miss the schedule a few times. At times when you do not have the time or inclination to write a new post, you can do a roundup of the old posts. And if still you can’t manage the routine on your own, you should probably get a professional blog post writing and management service to bridge up the gap.

As long as your posts are useful and relevant, the readers will continue to look forward to what you have in store for them next.


What is the Ideal Blog Post Frequency?

This is one of the most asked questions by bloggers belonging to every country and language. In your quest to find the ideal frequency, you will find some people recommending weekly updates, some will recommend once a month publishing frequency while a majority of the people will be favoring the idea of daily update as the ideal frequency of new posts.

Just imagine you are a fanatic fan of movies and celebrities regardless of your profession, would you like to read about movies and your favorite celebrities once in a month, once in a week, once in a fortnight or every day!

The obvious answer I assume most of you have including me is daily, even a small bit of news. It is entertainment and we are ever-ready to be entertained, so why wait for a month! The movie fans are thrilled by the Marvel movie trailers and watch them many times during the months of anticipation, don’t they? A good reason of your hunger for daily dose on entertainment blogs is the availability of entertainment news or rather gossip. Actually, it is a non-stop ride of roller coaster.

If we talk about some other niches like science, business, finance, law, it may not be the case and their blogs may go with bi-weekly, weekly or even monthly updates. Here most of the readers are reading for the sake of finding something new on a serious note rather than having some fun time.

It all boils down to the fact that an ideal frequency does not exist, but it is created based on your niche along with many other factors i.e. time and resources.

An Exemplary Example about Ideal Frequency

rand fishkinRand Fishkin, co-founder of, shares his videos known as Whiteboard Friday. The Moz fans, including me, impatiently wait for Friday to watch his new video, and it is worth waiting for. His first video was uploaded on October 26, 2007 and now his fans are tuned to his publishing frequency. Rand doesn’t share blog posts in text and video formats every day, but when he does, he gets the views and reads. In his own views about frequency in one of the Whiteboard Friday videos, he suggests that you do it as per your own schedule, demand of the niche and resources. You can see that video here.

The crux is that you establish the frequency of your blog updates as per multiple factors instead of blindly following a certain number suggested by an IM guru.

Best Time & Days

Other than frequency, the other major concerns are about best time of the day and best days of the week, so let’s see what VITAL STATS we have here to share with you in this regard.

OMG!!! I don’t have any vital stats to share with you. Well, don’t be disappointed but BE REALISTIC and PROACTIVE.

There are hundreds of niches and the bitter truth is that there is no universal best time and day to blog. The sun does not rise at the same time in the whole world as it does in your country.

Just like you set the frequency with some time, it will take you some time to determine the best time and days for your blog updates.

How Often Should You Blog For SEO?

How about posting 24 times in a day to get better SEO results? Doesn’t search engines love new content posted on a blog? Yes, they do and it is an undeniable fact. But what about the posts which get published but don’t get traffic?

You have to allow your blog readers to have enough time to digest what you just offered, so that they can be hungry enough to get something new the next time you are ready with.

Be warned that user engagement on your published work is one of the most critical factors to affect your SEO efforts .

We know it is difficult to put your creativity on a timeline. But if you create a realistic posting schedule, you will be able to follow it while keeping your readers and followers satisfied.

Out of the all the options of monthly, fortnightly, weekly, bi-weekly or daily, the ideal option is of daily updates if possible, keeping all the other relevant factors in consideration.

You should never be bound to the facts and figures generated by other, but you must be proactive enough to experiment and find your own way out.

Find Motivation for Blogging

Regularly updating your blog has many advantages. Suppose you are posting twice a week, six months down the road, you will have amassed enough material for a small eBook, if not sooner. Isn’t that incredible? So you are not only providing ample material to keep your readers satisfied, but also inadvertently setting yourself up as an expert in your niche.

If your blog content plan is taking too much out of your life, it is always a good idea to hire the professional writers to do the job for you. They can help you build up a good collection of entries and will keep the momentum going on, always. Sometimes, when you hit a creative roadblock, outsourcing is just what’s needed. It brings in fresh ideas and a new perspective.

The Last Word: If All Else Fails….

All that said, blogging once or even twice a week may sound easy at first, but it is actually easier said than done. And when the time comes, you may want to outsource the job to a credible blog writing service.

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