What would you think if you came to an entertainment blog but found content written mechanically like a news item? Boring right? And what if you saw flashy words emblazoned with color and bling on a serious corporate website? A total turn off!

Great content writing and web design is not only about the right choice of words, tone and flow, it is also about the connection with your target audience and the way it grabs the attention of the user. The same way of writing can never fit all kinds of audience; thus the perspective, mindset and demand of who you are writing for are the first things you should consider when you start typing!

Write What You Want to Read

Whether you are a blogger or are promoting your brand or services, think from the reader’s perspective and ask yourself what you would want to see if placed in their shoes. Choose the right tone and conversational skills that the reader can relate to.

Your content needs to be high quality, but it does not mean that you use complicated sentence structure and difficult choice of words. Remember, nice and easy does the trick! The more flowing, direct and appealing you sound, the more readers you will attract!

Selecting the Correct Tone is CRITICAL!

Not only is the authenticity, research, and imagination a necessary ingredient for content that captures the attention of the reader, but the right tone can also do wonders for you! Take the example of salespersons. They use the right amount of convincing and confidence to make their product sell.

Similar is the role of the tone in online marketing. If you have the right tone, you can go a long way in making your services popular and upbeat. Be friendly and warm when required and get serious and corporate when needed!

Learn to Say It without Words

Sometimes, you can go beyond words to send the message to your customers and readers in a more direct and approachable manner. Especially if you are maintaining a how-to blog, giving the readers an overview of your services or providing solution to any problems, pictures and videos work better than plain content. Specific calls to action and demos can also intensify the surfing experience on your website or blog.

Let your creativity flow and use the right bout of spark to liven up your content. Once you learn how to connect with the audience and grasp their attention, there will be no looking back for you!

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