Content writing topics

Are you at a loss for content writing topics for your blog? There are plenty of evergreen topics that suit just about any blog. Read on to find out.

1. Advice and Opinion Pieces

Life advice can be a great way to drive readership up, especially if you’ve cultivated a following based on opinion pieces.

Posts like these give you a chance to form an intimate connection with your readers by providing solutions to their problems. You could talk about anything that relates to your niche.

The best thing about advice is that it doesn’t require much substantiation, so instead of backing everything up with data, you just have to sit down and think with an open mind.

The second best thing, meanwhile, is that advice like this doesn’t get old, especially if you’re coming from a place of authority.

While things of a time-sensitive nature, such as tech reviews and current events, get dated quickly, the way life works changes very slowly in comparison.

So while a two-year-old review of a phone won’t be relevant at all anymore, life advice from six years ago will be worth just as much to one of your newer readers.

2. Anecdotal Topics, Drawing from Personal Experience

Similarly to the previous entry, this one relies on the social capital that people associate with your brand name. They’ll want to know what you’ve been doing with your life and the things that have helped shape you into who you are now.

Writing about anecdotes from your life allows you to turn journal entries into blog posts. You don’t have to read anything, you don’t have to premeditate too much either. You just think of an event and let the words go flow.

As with life advice, posts like these allow you to develop your writing style, adding and subtracting traits that will eventually help your readers truly identify with that style and brand voice.

Since you’re also talking about your own experiences here, you’re also getting the chance to strike a chord with your audience in a way that few other things can. Giving people a window into yourself helps them connect to your writing, perhaps even relate to it, which is a great way to ensure that they keep coming back to your site for more.

Again, because this event is specific to you, the written content will be too, and you don’t have to worry about putting your own spin on things or trying to distinguish yourself from everyone else out there. It just comes with the territory by default.

Your content writing efforts won’t ever get dated because it’s an event from your life, and your take on it. As long as you’re smart about how you leverage your opinion for your specific audience, people will always be able to find worth in the post, even if the event itself becomes obscure overtime.

If you’ve got the perfect anecdote, but you just can’t find the right words to do justice to it, consider tagging us in. Our blog writers have helped many prominent bloggers structure their content to deliver the best possible experience to their readers while also staying true to the essence of the event

3. Focus on Local Events and Attractions

writing about local events

If your business has a local element to it, whereby you’re providing services within a geographical area, covering local events or places is a great way to engage potential customers.

Every big city’s got its own highlights, and you can take a visit to any easily identifiable hotspot and write about it to let your audience know what it’s like and what you thought of it.

Bonus points if the attraction you’re discussing is unique to your locality.

If you don’t live in a big city and there’s not much going on around your town, you can instead foucs on an event and subsequently pivot to a conversation about what’s happening where you are.

If you’re an avid traveler, blogging about the destinations, your visit, and the attractions within those destinations can be a great source of fresh content – especially if you can adequately capture the essence of that experience and explain it through your words.

People are all about secondhand experiences – some might say a desire to live vicariously through others is what got blogging to really take off in the first place.

4. Write About Prevailing Social Issues

This is another type of opinion piece, but it deserves its own entry because it doesn’t fall into any other categories. You can write about what you consider an “issue of our time”, like climate change, problems relating to modernization and modernized societies, income and gender disparity, and many others.

You can pick up any one of these issues and try to paint a clearer picture of them for your audience while also giving your own opinion as well.

Tread the line carefully, though. Some topics can carry social importance, so adopting too radical a view may alienate some members of your audience.

There’s one of two ways to tackle such cases. Its best to adopt a more neutral standpoint that outlines mainstream arguments on either side, but you can also adopt a more candid approach.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the kind of persona you’ve built through your blog and how you wish to express yourself. Hot topics do draw big crowds, and your content writing will do well to tap into this.

5. Discuss the Journey of Learning a Particular Skill

blog writing about learning craftsmanship

Some businesses, particularly those that have to do with craftsmanship, can use their blog posts to discuss the journey one of their talented professionals took in the pursuit of their craft.

If you’re a digital agency, you could have a piece written about one of your most senior graphic designers. If you’re an independent blogger, you could write about a skill you’d learnt personally.

Talk about what motivated you to start, how you developed that interest, and how much you’ve learnt up till now.

Insightful, informative topics covered in a manner that serves to educate your audience are the perfect way for a blog to put out content that helps enrich an audience member’s life.

That’s attention captured, and a reader who’ll be returning to your blog to check up on updates in the future.

Granted, the journey of learning the skill, or the expertise that goes into providing a particular skill, may become outdated overtime. If it does, you can discussthe evolution of your own craft and the differences between then and now.

6. Write a Fictional Anecdote

Generally, a blog is not fictitious. If anything, a blog is as far removed from fiction as it could be, since blogs deal with aspects of day-to-day life, experience-based accounts from real people. However, a great way to illustrate some abstract point, or demonstrate perspective, is to use a fictional event as the vehicle for it.

A narrative is a great way to get readers hooked, and a fictional one is all the better. Rather than typing out your views, why not spin a story between two invented characters that sheds light on the merits of those views.

This type of piece might suit some blogs better than others. Depending on how much you enjoy fiction, you could even make a fictional anecdote a regular part of your weekly or monthly offering.

Even commercial websites could have a weekly section where the company mascot discusses the latest additions to their product catalogue.

7. Revisit Past Posts That Were Popular

Value added content

When you’ve constantly been churning out content, you’ve likely revisited the same subject multiple times. Even if yours is a general-purpose blog that, for example, regularly comes up with lists of popular products in different eCommerce marketplaces. Any blog will have callbacks to content that was published earlier.

By discussing pieces that received a lot of attention when they were first published, you let newer members of your audience know what they had to offer. In doing so, you’re also allowing yourself to hook them with any one of your most popular titles.

This strategy lets you capitalize on things that have already worked for you, is what we’re saying.

But it’s about more than just that. If you’re talking about technical content, a review of a past article could very well span an article in itself. You could discuss developments since the previous piece was written and address the technical shortcomings of the previous content. In doing so, you show your audience just how dedicated you are to your particular domain and also the depth of your knowledge within that domain.

Based on our years of experience writing listicles for various blogs in various domains, we can tell you that a list of the best articles from the past year can be a great way to wrap up a year of great content, and it might just end up being your most popular piece to start off the next. If you’d like, we could even write it for you.

8. Share Your Opinion On Another Person’s Opinion (or a Fresh Development).

Pieces like these are great for both establishing the personality of your brand as well as capitalizing on what’s already been put out there. Don’t forget to take advantage of what we call the trickle-down effect of popular content.

If any popular content creator, policymaker, or celebrity comes out with an opinion that gets people talking, you can discuss those opinions for some pretty relevant press.

Speaking of relevance, it plays a key role in driving the popularity of such a post. You’ve got to have a finger on the pulseof current affairs to benefit from pieces like these the most since they tend to have a very short period between having nothing out there regarding the event and being completely saturated with very similar content.

For someone running a blog on politics, this can mean competing with other prominent politics and news blogs to be the first on the scene.

If you feel up to it, you can even use articles like these to respond to the opinions discussed in the media you’re covering. You let your audience know your take on a particular topic, ensuring that everything you’re releasing yourself is wholly original.

The best part is that in today’s day and age, there’s a lot of newsworthy developments constantly occurring, so you’re not strapped for source material in the slightest.

Of course, when you’re covering something that’s very recent, you can’t really predict how much public interest a story will attract. Try to look for big names or popular people. If you’re writing a finance blog,you can definitely do a piece on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s new salary package and discuss developments in the company (and improvements in profit) since he took the helm.

To Conclude

That was our list of 8 timeless content writing topics. If you’d like to know more about value-added content, find out here. If you’d like to know more about our services and how we can help you revamp your content portfolio, click here to send in an inquiry.