From Google Search’s support of structured data for discussion forums and creator profile pages to Pinterest’s move to expand direct links to more campaigns, let’s explore the latest industry news!

Stay in the Know About the Latest in the SEO/Google Realm


Google Search Now Supports Structured Data for Profile Page & Discussion Forum

Google Core Update for August 2023Google Search has introduced support for profile page and  discussion forum structured data, enabling rich results in search. 

This update allows Google Search to display "first-person perspectives from social media platforms, forums, and other communities" directly in its results. 

To complement this, Google has included new Search Console reports for those who implement structured data on their pages. 

The profile page structured data highlights creator details, such as name, profile photo, follower count, and content popularity. 

Similarly, the discussion forum structured data helps Google identify online discussions across the web, enhancing features like Discussions and Forums and Perspectives in search results.


Google Enhances Search With Support for Organization Meta Data

Google Core Update for August 2023Google is enhancing its search capabilities by expanding support for organization structured data markup. 

This update allows companies to provide more detailed information about themselves in search results, improving knowledge panels and visual elements on the search results page. 

Google now supports additional organization structured data fields such as address, contact information, and business identifiers. 

The changes enable users to find essential information about the organizations they search for more efficiently. 

Websites with existing logo markup don't need to make changes, but adding the new organization fields can make companies eligible for expanded knowledge panels. 

The update emphasizes the long-term benefits of implementing structured data markup.


What Is Breaking Ground in Generative AI & Content Marketing?

Google Bard Now Has the Capability to Read YouTube Videos

Google Core Update for August 2023Google's language model Bard is now equipped to answer questions about YouTube videos, enhancing engagement on the platform. Bard can summarize video content when users input a YouTube URL, making video information more accessible. 

Content creators may benefit from increased user interaction, and audiences can find relevant details more efficiently. To integrate Bard with YouTube, users need to activate the YouTube extension on the Bard website. 

Bard’s improved capabilities aim to provide users with a more conversational and informative experience, adding value to both content creators and audiences. The YouTube extension is currently available for Gmail (personal) accounts.


Google’s Search Results Patent Insights

Google Core Update for August 2023Google's latest patent, US11769017B1, unveils insights into the Search Generative Experience (SGE) and the integration of generative AI for search summaries. 

The patent outlines a method using large language models (LLMs) to generate concise and contextually rich summaries of search results. 

This aligns with Google's  Search Generative Experience strategy, providing users with immediate, AI-powered overviews supported by reliable web sources. 

You must adapt your SEO strategies by prioritizing comprehensive and contextually relevant content, focusing on clarity, authority, and alignment with user intent. 

Adapting to these AI-driven changes promptly ensures better visibility and engagement in the evolving landscape of Google search.


Unveiling the Latest in the World of Social Media

Pinterest Expands Direct Links to More Ad Campaign Types

Google Core Update for August 2023Pinterest is expanding its direct links options, allowing brands to drive more focused, direct traffic from Pins and Pin ads. 

Initially announced in July and enhanced in September, direct links enable one-click navigation to an advertiser's site, streamlining the customer journey. 

Pinterest is extending direct links to more campaign types, including both consideration and conversion campaigns across image and video formats. 

This expansion aims to guide Pin traffic to specific pages, resulting in more responsive outcomes and conversions. 

Pinterest reports significant improvements in outbound click-through rates and cost savings for early direct links adopters, making it a valuable option for brands.


TikTok Introduced New Tool to Improve Creator Engagement

Google Core Update for August 2023TikTok is assisting small businesses and creators with the launch of Creative Cards, a feature providing data-backed suggestions to enhance engagement. 

The Creative Cards are divided into categories such as Community, Edutainment, Creator Tools, Trends, and Storytelling, offering insights tailored to different aspects of content creation. 

These prompts aim to guide creators in building customer loyalty, showcasing products, utilizing various creative tools, participating in trends, and crafting compelling narratives. 

The move is beneficial for both novice and experienced content creators seeking inspiration, especially during the holiday season. You can access Creative Cards by registering and explore over 100 digital cards for ideas.


Reddit Launched a New Ads Formula Course

Google Core Update for August 2023Reddit has introduced a new certification, "Reddit Ads Creatives," within its Ads Formula marketing hub. This hour-long, free course is designed for intermediate marketers. 

This Ads Formula course covers topics such as building engaging ad creatives, adhering to Reddit ads best practices, running creative A/B tests, engaging with the Reddit community, and adapting creatives to holiday moments. 

Marketers completing the Ads Formula course and passing the test will earn the status of Reddit Ads Creative Certified partner, accompanied by a digital badge for showcasing expertise in Reddit marketing. 

This move responds to increasing demand for advanced Reddit education and follows the platform's recent expansion of Ads Formula training courses.


What’s New in the Video Industry? Let’s Loop You in!

YouTube Is Expanding the Roll-Out of Shorts Ads

Google Core Update for August 2023YouTube is expanding the availability of Shorts ads, transitioning from beta to general availability. Marketers are gaining access to Short ads as a video format, with the ability to integrate them into in-stream and in-feed ads. 

While not yet available to all accounts, the feature will be rolled out universally in the coming months. PPC consultant Kristian Maltzahn emphasizes the changing consumer demand for Shorts ad formats, similar to those seen on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. 

Google Ads plans to extend this feature to additional video campaign formats in the future, offering advertisers more versatile options.


YouTube Simplified Its ‘Product Drops’ Feature With New Analytics Cards

Google Core Update for August 2023YouTube is updating its Product Drops feature in live streams, enabling more creators to use it. Previously, only those with Shopify stores or access to Google Merchant Center could use Product Drops, requiring pre-planning and scheduling. 

Now, creators connected to first-party stores or participating in the YouTube Affiliate Program can set up Product Drops in the live control room at any time during a live stream. 

This change enhances flexibility for creators, allowing real-time reactions. YouTube is also simplifying its Community Posts creation flow, adding revenue analytics cards, and testing a new TV app format to accommodate the growing popularity of YouTube on connected TVs.