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Your LinkedIn profile serves as a gateway for potential employers to find you, connect with you and learn all about your professional and personal attributes. If you’re reading this, it would be fair to assume that you’re not getting as many views or requests to connect as you want. Well, you’re at the right place to learn how to improve your LinkedIn profile and highlight your strengths, show off your personality and stand out from others.

Why Does a Good LinkedIn Profile Matter?

You might not think that a LinkedIn profile is relevant if you already have a strong resume. While resumes & CVs are important parts of your professional outlook, a strong LinkedIn profile offers you the chance to show much more about you to potential employers. This is especially true these days when a majority of employers look towards LinkedIn as their first source of talent.

Here are a few reasons why having a good LinkedIn profile matters, even if you already have a CV you love. If you need professional help, it’s always a good idea to consider hiring a LinkedIn profile writing service.

1.      You Have More Space to Talk About Yourself

CV’s are usually limited to a page or two by their very nature. This means you have a limited amount of space to squeeze in information you want to present. On the other hand, LinkedIn offers more flexibility, allowing you to write about yourself, your accomplishments, and your work in much more detail.

2.      You’re Not Restricted by a Job Description

Most people tweak their CV’s to better fit the position they’re applying for. Not only is this tiresome to do every time you apply for a new job but it is also limiting in how much it reveals to your employer. You are consistently trying to pick out only the most relevant experience and skills for that specific position.

However, with LinkedIn, you can write freely about all aspects of your role and paint a more detailed picture of yourself for the world.

3.      You Can Be More Involved in Your Industry

CV’s are personal. They are shared between you and the organization where you apply for a job. A LinkedIn profile, on the contrary, is very public. This means you can engage and interact with other people in your industry, share relevant news and information, as well as publish blogs under your name.

This not only helps grow your professional network by generating interest. It gives you a chance to show employers that you are someone who is qualified for a career jump, and that you’re a thought leader.

LinkedIn influencers often publish highly relevant, well-researched articles on topics that are trending in their industry. A LinkedIn article writing service can create such content for you and improve your LinkedIn no end.

What Makes a LinkedIn Profile Stronger?

LinkedIn Profile
Creating a profile that stands out is not easy

LinkedIn suffers from the same dilemma most social media platforms face – a standardized layout. With all the profiles following the same format, it can be very difficult to create a striking profile of your own.

In order to get noticed, you need to have a complete, targeted profile that makes the right kind of impact. This means no half-filled sections or poorly worded summaries. No statements where you’re being vague and trying to over-reach.

A completed profile is 40% more likely to receive opportunities through the platform. If you want to improve your LinkedIn profile, in 2020 no less, make sure your profile is as comprehensive and objective as possible.

Wondering how a strong profile links you to better opportunities?

Let us break it down for you! You can also check out this detailed blog post on the importance of having a strong LinkedIn profile for more information.

  • A Good Profile Means More Networking Opportunities

Like any other social media platform, LinkedIn, too, is an opportunity to network with the right people. If you have a strong profile, you will be more likely to be accepted when you send a connection request to someone as opposed to having a semi-completed profile.

  • You Increase Your Chances of Showing up in Search Results

As a LinkedIn user, you will ideally want to rank as high as possible in people’s search results. There are two main ways to do this according to the LinkedIn’s algorithm;

  1.      Have a strong network of professionals
  2.      Have smartly placed keywords in your profile

Good LinkedIn profile writers keep both these factors in mind when optimizing and improving a profile.

  • You Build More Credibility for Yourself

A LinkedIn profile is an opportunity to curate your story in a way that makes an impact. It allows you the chance to add a face and personality to your list of achievements, which is an invaluable tip for making a better LinkedIn profile.

It makes it possible for other people to vouch for your skills and abilities. Whether your aim is to attract recruiters, network with other professionals, or a find way for you to further your business development – a strongly worded and well-targeted profile is a stepping stone to build credibility for yourself as a professional and an individual.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 2020

This brings us back to the question of how can you improve your LinkedIn profile? Well, here are some basic ground rules to keep in mind while filling out your LinkedIn page.

1.      Steer Clear of Buzzwords

According to LinkedIn, using repetitively overused ‘buzzwords’ might actually have a negative impact on your profile. So, while it may seem attractive to say you are ‘motivated’, ‘strategic’, ‘responsible’ and ‘passionate’, you have to keep in mind that most other users on the platform are using the same adjectives to describe themselves.

2.      Use a Professional Photograph

Profiles that have pictures are 14 times more likely to get views as opposed to those that don’t. But this doesn’t mean you should bust out your best-angled selfie!  Keep in mind that selfies are for Facebook and Instagram, not LinkedIn!

Your picture should be professional and put together. Dress appropriately depending on your field. A warm, welcoming smile speaks volumes.

3.      Use the Right Keywords

Keyword optimization is crucial for driving relevant traffic to blogs and websites via search engines. You might not think this relevant to LinkedIn, but LinkedIn too works like a search engine. This means that if your profile is optimized for relevant keywords potential employers are searching for, they are more likely to find you.

Use keywords strategically throughout your profile from your headline to your summary and even when talking about your job experience. This is one easy way to improve your LinkedIn profile without revamping it completely.

4.      Show Off Your Personality

Are you part of a fun club that you don’t mention on your resume? Do you regularly take online courses that aren’t directly related to your field? While these things may seem out of place on a CV, they’re perfect to include on your LinkedIn profile!

Don’t neglect the side of you that is creative and interested in things such as volunteer work or following new passions. The more you can humanize your profile by showing different facets of your personality, the more likely you will be to catch an employer’s eye.

If your profile is a carbon copy of your CV, you’re not making use of the platform’s potential. This also presents an opportunity to improve your LinkedIn profile with some thought and work.

How Can LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Help You?

optimize your profile
LinkedIn profile writers are better equipped to optimize your profile

LinkedIn is essentially a place where you talk about yourself in great detail. This can be a daunting job as most people struggle to find the balance between being boastful and humble about their accomplishments and skills. Sometimes it takes a true wordsmith to strengthen your profile and give it that little bit of oomph it needs.

LinkedIn profile writing services offer you the chance to let experts do the heavy lifting when it comes to writing about you. You can share relevant information with them and let them figure out how best to represent you with your field of interest in mind. Let’s face it, a lawyer and a cartoonist wouldn’t have the same kind of profiles.

But there’s more to it! Here’s how LinkedIn profile writers can help you get the most out of your page.

  • They Will Know What to Look For

It may be difficult to write about yourself, especially if you’re not used to it. A professional LinkedIn profile writer will be able to help you decide what aspects of your personality and experience are most important by asking you targeted questions. This will help you focus on what you really want your profile to reflect. The end result – a much-improved LinkedIn profile that you can be proud of.

  • They Will Know How to Optimize Your Profile

You don’t just want a strong profile. You want a strong profile that gets noticed and in order for that to happen, you need to optimize your page to rank higher in search results. A seasoned LinkedIn profile writer will not only know what keywords to use, but they will also know where to place them for the most impact.

  • They Will Be Able to Create a Brand for You

Your online presence is all about being able to create a brand for yourself. This can be incredibly difficult if you don’t know what to focus your personal brand around. A professional writer can help you with that.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Profiles

If you decide to hire a LinkedIn profile writing service, you will want to choose a content writing service that takes the time to understand you by asking targeted questions. You don’t want a generic profile – you want something that is tailored specifically for you!

It is also a good idea to check revision policies of different services to ensure that you can ask for changes without worrying about paying for every little tweak you want. Here’s a detailed blog post on what you should look for when hiring a content writing service to get some guidance.

Our LinkedIn profile writing service has been instrumental in helping tens and hundreds of our clients improve their LinkedIn profiles and receive the job of their dreams. Get noticed and make an impact with yours too. Contact us today to learn more.