Do you know that 90% of marketers making use of content marketing plan to continue their investment in this department in 2022? With 65% focus on written content and eBook marketing to improve outreach and conversions, every business is jumping on the eBook bandwagon.

eBooks are one of the best ways to establish authority in your niche and build trust and credibility among your customers.

Writing and editing an eBook takes a lot of time and work, but only producing quality content is not enough for lead generation. You need to invest in eBook promotion and use every possible resource and channel to generate buzz and ensure your eBook reaches the right people.

Without the right marketing strategy, no one will buy or read your eBook. Thus, we have compiled the top 10 eBook promotion strategies to help you promote your title and widen your reach, all within budget.

Or, if you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can always opt for eBook services to do the work for you. Let’s get started!

Importance Of eBooks In Marketing

eBooks are effective solutions when businesses want to share their knowledge in a comprehensive yet digestible format with their customers. Unlike print books, eBooks consist of statistics, images, and links to credible sources, which increases the chances of conversions – it also works to build authority.

Importance Of eBooks In Marketing

Through eBooks, businesses can increase conversions by providing knowledge in exchange for contact information. It’s a win-win situation. Moreover, eBooks also provide SEO value. For instance, any blog or website that mentions the eBook will ensure the right people can reach your publications.

Benefits Of eBook Promotion

There are many benefits of writing and promoting eBooks, such as

  • Increasing your exposure. Publishing an eBook should come later in your career when you have a sizable fan following and want to widen your reach. eBooks will help build exposure and assist in future product and service launches.
  • You can set yourself as an industry expert and build trust among your customers, so they reach out to you in case of any issues.
  • Books offer a subtler way to promote your business. Customers often don’t prefer direct advertisements. You can promote your expertise and products and share valuable information through eBooks without seeming salesy.

10 Ways To Promote Your eBook

1. Develop A Plan

The first step in eBook marketing is to develop a plan. Various content marketing strategies are available, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. Thus, sit down and analyze your company goals. Note them down and set an achievement period for each. Decide why you’re writing the book in the first place.

  • Do you want to increase sales?
  • Do you want to build authority?
  • Do you want to increase conversions?

After deciding your goal, pick a promotional strategy that will help you drive those results quickly. Trying every promotional technique will take time, effort, and resources, and you likely won’t have much success. Thus, stick to one and give it your all.

2. Design A Compelling Landing Page

38.5% of users will leave a website due to an outdated design. A compelling landing page is an essential part of marketing your eBook and ensuring people click on the download button. When you drive people to the eBook landing page, it should contain all the main highlights from your eBook, such as the value provided to the readers, the pain points discussed, and the solutions available in the book.


You need to convince your readers of the book’s worth, and believe it or not, your landing page design plays a significant role in this. You need to ensure that the landing page has the same colors as the eBook, and you can also add testimonials from other authors who have read your book.

Remember to add clear CTAs to reduce the decision-making time and encourage customers to buy your book.

3. Generate Pre-Launch Buzz

Before even you start writing your eBook, you need to generate buzz around its completion and launch. Before you do that, you need to promote yourself as a read-worthy author. Why should people come to you? What do you have to offer that others don’t?

To do this, you need to create a fan following on multiple social media platforms. Use every tool to your advantage and share your writing journey with your audience. You can:

  • Share helpful information and inspirational quotes in blog posts or status.
  • You can share your purpose for writing this eBook.
  • You can offer a free page or snippet on social media to entice readers.
  • Give updates about your progress, such as completing the first or last chapter.
  • Share the eBook design cover.

Building anticipation is one of the best ways to generate buzz and ensure increased sales and conversions.

4. Use Social Media

According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. Thus, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your eBook. By being active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you can update your audience with social teasers and generate excitement about your eBook, as stated in the point above.

Use social media to promote your book

For instance:

  • You can create a series of posts to discuss the topic of your eBook.
  • You can go live on Instagram or Facebook to talk about your book.
  • You can share interesting facts and keynotes from your eBook on social media platforms.
  • You can share visuals/infographics in your eBook to show the value and information available.

Don’t forget to slightly change the content style for each social media platform and ask your audience to share your post with relevant groups or people.

5. Promote It On Your Website

Before you use social media platforms for eBook promotion, we suggest optimizing your website and creating a dedicated sales page to entice and convert readers. You can also opt for professional eBook services to help you with the complete writing, promoting, and selling processes, as managing the entire process can get quite tedious, and you need all the help you can get.

You can add a clear call to action throughout your website and famous blog posts; however, don’t overdo it and keep the sales tone subtle. You can also add a pop-up, which will be shown to customers as they enter or leave your site, with a free sneak-peak option to help entice them.

6. Indulge In Giveaways

If you are a new author; your goal is probably to increase conversions and not sales. Since the eBook market is becoming saturated, readers are often fooled into buying and downloading books that are simply not useful; this increases the fear of purchasing. You can reduce that fear by giving away the first few chapters of your eBook for free in exchange for an email address.


If readers like the chapters, they will surely pay for the rest of the book. You can also host giveaways, including:

  • Giving away the book for free for a period and then selling it at discounted prices.
  • Tease a snippet of the book report to entice customers to buy the full book.
  • Host a giveaway on Facebook and give advanced copies to authors and readers for honest reviews.

Promote giveaways on all social media platforms and repost them daily to generate buzz around your book launch.

7. Create A Video

More than 50% of marketers plan on increasing their investments in Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok in 2022. Videos have become a promising way to promote products and services online. If you are a first-time author, we suggest creating videos about your book topics, the sub-topic you will cover, the value provided, and much more.

You can also talk about the book’s inspiration, why you are writing it, what resources you have included, etc.

8. Invest In Guest Blogging

Another way to market your eBook is through guest blogging. You might think it’s an outdated strategy, but it effectively widens your reach and increases search engine optimization to promote organic searches.

You have to search for websites that work in the same industry and cater to a similar clientele as yours. Research their content and see if you can provide information regarding any gaps in their content strategy, and then pitch them a guest blog with a catchy title. Most websites offer paid guest posts, but some provide free posts with two do-follow links. Use these links to link back to your eBook’s landing page.

9. Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

87% of marketers use email marketing to promote their products and services, making it the second-most popular content distribution channel. Through email marketing, you can increase your outreach program and contact influencers, editors, authors, key personalities in your industry, etc., to read your book and promote it to their audiences.

Email marketing to promote your eBook

Don’t be deterred if you don’t get a response immediately; follow up after a few days and remain persistent. You can always hire eBook writers to create engaging email content for you, which can help you attract guests and influencers.

10. Conduct Interviews and Podcasts

Another exciting way to promote your eBook is by doing interviews and appearing on podcasts. Search for channels or podcasts that discuss topics similar to your niche or industry, offer to appear on their show for free, provide knowledge about your expertise, and talk about your eBook.

Through interviews, people will know you are aware of your craft and well-versed in it. This will help build authority and encourage the right customers to buy your eBook.

All the above marketing strategies might not be able to fit in your budget, but there are free and cost-effective options as well that can help you advertise your eBook on a tight budget. As mentioned above, choose a strategy that fulfills your goals and requirements. Marketing is a time-consuming and challenging process, but it is well worth it if done right.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle yourself, reach out to professional eBook writers or opt for eBook services and let them handle the marketing aspect. Content Development Pros (CDP) are the leading eBook writing service provider. They have an experienced team of writers and proofreaders that can simplify the writing, selling, and marketing process and give your ideas the right words.